Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Can We Balance a Grid Supplied by Wind and Solar?

Iceland produces 100% of its electricity and 80% of all energy from renewables, and Uruguay produces ten times the electricity it needs from hydro, keeping the 10% it uses and exporting 90%… […]

RSVP for Bernie’s Global Warming Conference

February 27, 2013

Despite assertions by the fossil fuel industry and their representatives in Congress, global warming is real and is already causing devastating damage to the planet. The situation will only get much, much worse in the years to come if we don’t act boldly and make significant reductions […]

January 24: Governor Shumlin presented his Budget Address

In his Budget Address, on January 24, Governor Shumlin stressed a series of important issues that stand before the state, while presenting a balanced budget. The issues he stressed were education, including support for our youngest children; the welfare benefits program; health care costs; transportation funding; and investments in clean energy and efficiency.

This […]

Don’t Miss Vice President Gore’s Climate Blogathon – Friday, 12 Noon (Eastern Time)

To read or participate in the blogathon, go to: Change SOS

If you follow that link shortly after noon, you will be able to participate in the real time discussion (Note: this assumes you have a login at, there’s a 24 hour delay before people can post on that site after signing […]

A Can’t Miss Event – Climate Blogathon on DailyKos

There is an impressive blogathon happening this week on the web site We’ve got a widget over on the right side of the page linking to the articles in the blogathon. The widget updates roughly every 30 minutes.

You can see bios of the special guest bloggers in this post, including lawmakers, scientists […]

First Rutland Solar Project re-imagines brownfield

“This is an exciting project, and a great first step in the solar city effort. […]

Way to Go! Commuter Challenge – 2012 Results are in!

A list of this year’s award recipients is provided with this release. In addition, for just the second year, Way To Go! offers the Carbon Cup, an award that goes to only one community and to one small business […]

2012 – International Year of the Coop Celebration

Brattleboro Food Cooperative: a gorgeous ‘green’ building that is years in the making…Formed as a buying collective in 1975… […]

First Turbine Erected at Kingdom Community Wind Project

The initial turbine is the first of 21 Vestas V112 3.0-megawatt turbines to be erected on Lowell Mountain that will generate enough renewable electricity for more than 24,000 Vermont homes. […]

Living with a Wind Farm in your Midst

What is it REALLY like, to live with an actual ‘Wind Farm in your Midst’? […]