Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Can We Balance a Grid Supplied by Wind and Solar?

Iceland produces 100% of its electricity and 80% of all energy from renewables, and Uruguay produces ten times the electricity it needs from hydro, keeping the 10% it uses and exporting 90%… […]

2012 – International Year of the Coop Celebration

Brattleboro Food Cooperative: a gorgeous ‘green’ building that is years in the making…Formed as a buying collective in 1975… […]

VSECU Makes “Going Solar” Ez, Affordable

By Lynette D. Kemp, VSECU Communications Coordinator

Kim and Bill Laidlaw and their children Liam, Lucy and Jack

Since 1947, Vermont State Employees Credit Union has worked with Vermonters to improve the quality of their lives. About three years ago, regulators allowed VSECU to open our membership to everyone who lives or works […]

RACDC And Energy Efficient Affordable Housing

RACDC recently completed construction of 14 rental units on a former brownfields site. All three buildings received the 5- star-plus rating from Efficiency Vermont. Now the group is working on models of for-sale homes on another portion of the same site. Designed to be easily replicable, aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and affordable, they hope to […]

From ‘The Do It Store’ To the Upper Valley Co-op

by N.R. Mallery

Upper Valley Co-op’s ‘Vision’ for what’s next includes ‘Being green, energy efficiency and a move toward LEED certification for our facility and to be a model for Co-ops and the community.’

While the Upper Valley Food Cooperative was officially incorporated in summer of 1976, it was actually born from a […]

Mares: Recycled Water

Reposted from: VPR Commentary April 23, 2012

(Host) For much of our history Americans have treated water as an almost unlimited commodity, equally suitable for washing, watering the garden and drinking. But writer and commentator Bill Mares is a former teacher and state legislator who thinks that attitude is changing.

(Mares) Twenty five years ago, […]

Farm-Way Inc – Getting Greener

By Skip Metayer

Many things influenced us in the decision to go solar almost three years ago. Be it from our customers that were pursuing or were involved in some aspect of green energy themselves, to the expansion only a couple of years earlier of our retail store of approx. 70% increase, which resulted in […]

Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World: Hunger Mountain Coop, Montpelier, VT

By Krissy Leonard, Community Relations Manager

2012 is a special year for Hunger Mountain Coop. In September we will turn 40, celebrating four decades of commitment to our community and local food producers. 2012 also holds a special significance for our co-op and cooperative businesses around the world, as the United Nations General Assembly has […]

CVPS earns national acclaim for Irene recovery

“Irene presented some of the most difficult challenges in our history… […]

Why Does the Governor Recommend Roots the Restaurant?

by Nancy Rae Mallery, 1.11.12

Governor Shumlin and Ag rep.

In downtown Rutland at 51 Wales Street, a uniquely sustainable restaurant opened it’s doors to the public on February 1, 2011. The concept for a place to enjoy a delicious, wholesome local meal, made from the freshest Vermont products, came into being nearly […]