Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Bourne’s Energy wins Outstanding Business of the Year Award 2023

Vermont Business Magazine VermontBiz and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce the winner of the prestigious and highly anticipated Outstanding Business of the Year Award 2023, this year’s winner is Bourne’s Energy. The Award will be presented to Bourne’s Energy at the opening session of the Vermont Economic Conference on January 30th […]

Contractor Spotlight: Net Zero Design, Waterbury Center, VT

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Efficiency Vermont’s Contractor Spotlight

Interview with Jake Visi, Owner

G.E.T. Staff

G.E.T.: How did you get started in this industry?

Jake Visi: In 2008 or 2009, a friend who owned a horticulture company invited me […]

The Ruth Lewin Griffin Place

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LEED Gold Multi-Family Housing for Working People

Barb and Greg Whitchurch

The Ruth Lewin Griffin Place, affectionately known by locals as “Ruth’s Place,” was the vision of its namesake, who recently retired from the Portsmouth Housing Authority […]

Maine Could Tackle the Housing and Climate Crises in Tandem

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Annie Ropeik, Energy News Network

Maine’s deepening housing crisis is colliding with the global climate crisis.

The state’s population is growing faster than its housing supply — and that growth is driven in part by people seeking out temperate […]

Scalable, Affordable Net-Zero Homes

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In the efficiency game, simplicity wins.

Dan Vastyan

To achieve net-zero status, a home must produce as much energy as it consumes, and this is typically via solar or wind.

“Net-zero has been an obtainable goal for decades, but […]

Warm and Cool Homes #4: The House That Jack Built

Jack Bingham’s house in Barrington, NH (Jack Bingham)

Wes Golomb

Jack Bingham’s house is a direct result of the research he conducted at the University of New Hampshire on how heat pumps can make greenhouses usable in the winter. Most greenhouses are either shut down in winter or are inefficiently heated […]

Vermont Reaping the Benefits of Yesterday’s Forward-Looking Energy Policies


Jonathan Dowds

New Hampshire households are about to get hit hard, really hard, by rate hikes that will increase electricity bills by an average of more than $70 a month. These unprecedented rate hikes reflect surging natural gas prices and New Hampshire’s ill-fated decision to tie its electricity prices to volatile fossil […]

Tues, August 9th: How To Save Energy in Your Home

To help preserve our planet, Sustainable Lebanon has launched a Second Tues at Seven Speaker Series (via Zoom).

Speaking this Tuesday, August 9th at 7 pm will be Rob Anderegg, author of “Turning Intentions into Actions: A Homeowner’s Guide to Long-Range Energy Planning.”

By budgeting for energy use, homeowners can begin to make long-range […]

The impact of policy changes on United States’ energy transition


When Congress passed last year’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, the stage was set for a very different future in terms of how the United States viewed its responsibility to climate change. With historic investment in clean energy transmission, the first ever […]

Warm and Cool Homes – Part Two:

Wallace-Brill Home

The Wallace-Brill net-zero home is a post and beam construction. (Wes Golomb)

Wes Golomb and Bob Irving

Our society’s well-being is dependent upon our ability to move from a fossil-fuel economy to an economy based on sustainable energy. A path to this goal can be described as the “three-legged […]