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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Energy accelerator DeltaClimeVT seeks entrepreneurs focused on increasing adoption of clean energy, smart building and electric vehicle technologies

The DeltaClimeVT climate economy business accelerator is seeking innovative, early-stage, energy companies focused on increasing adoption of clean energy, smart building and electric vehicle technologies that enable accelerated integration of distributed energy resources without the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.

Entrepreneurs will work directly with Vermont utilities to contribute to Vermont’s 90/50 and Burlington’s Net […]

Legislators Advance Bill to Help Reduce Vermonters’ Transportation Energy Burdens and Meet Climate Commitments

Montpelier: H. 552, a proposal to address carbon emissions in the transportation sector, will be introduced in the Vermont House this week. The Transportation Innovation Act (TIA) is the work of several members of the House Transportation Committee. Sixty members of the House have signed on as co-sponsors, recognizing the critical need for Vermont to […]

Go Green in 2022

Tom Belair

Everyone seems to be talking about “going green,” but that can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s buying local food and vegetables, so they don’t have to be trucked here from far away. For others, it means biking when they can, rather than driving. Still others take bigger steps, like […]

Optimizing Freight Transport Can Substantially Reduce Emissions


The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

Freight movement in the United States accounted for 31% of all transportation-sector greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in 2019, and its share of these emissions continues to grow. A new ACEEE working paper and accompanying series of topic briefs explore the […]

Push for Clean Mobility Spurs Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Expansion

Bulger Veterinary Hospital in Lawrence, MA, utilized National Grid’s make-ready program to help finance the installation of nearly a dozen ChargePoint stations. (Steven Bullock, courtesy of Voltrek)

Kathleen Connors

Headlines these days are buzzing about the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) market. The strong push for clean mobility is energized by various factors, including […]

EV Charging Rates Come to New Hampshire

Fast charging stations for EVs (Flickr/Earth and Main)

Sam Evans-Brown

As we write this, proceedings are underway that will determine whether you’d be able to fuel up an electric vehicle and how much it will cost in New Hampshire. Three docketsare openat the Public Utilities Commission that will determine how much the utilities […]

Cost of EV Ownership

Adapted from an article at Drive Electric Vermont

All-electric vehicles (AEVs) have a fraction of the moving parts of gasoline vehicles and are very reliable. That means no oil changes, no spark plugs, catalytic converters or other emissions equipment. They also use fixed gears instead of transmissions which further reduces maintenance. As a result they […]

EV Accelerator Program Advances Climate Program Objective in Maine

Efficiency Maine Extends its Electric Vehicle Accelerator Program for Another Year, Advancing Key Climate Change Objective

On September 2, 2021, the second anniversary of launching its electric vehicle (EV) rebate program — the EV Accelerator Program — Efficiency Maine announced it will extend the program for another year.

Efficiency Maine estimates it has sufficient funds […]

Nine EV Charging Station Sites Coming To NH!

EVgo charging station in parking lot (AdobeStock_284263050 Sundry Photography)

Tom Belair

The State of New Hampshire has announced the availability of money from the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust, part of which will be used to increase the number of publicly available, fast-charging Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations along key highway corridors, many of […]

Electric Cars Are Setting Records

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E. (Ford)

George Harvey

Two electric cars set some impressive records since the August issue of Green Energy Times came out. One is a Tesla Model S Plaid, which competed in the Mount Washington Hillclimb, held on August 13-15. The other is a Ford Mustang Mach-E, which set […]