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Praise for GET from Derry, NH Town Councilor Joshua Bourdon


I just wanted to share some awesome news from my talk with Derry, NH Town Councilor and Vice Chairman of Derry’s Net Zero Task Force Joshua Bourdon.
Josh was really excited to hear from us at GET and was very eager to speak with me. Turns out, several years ago, Josh was sitting in the waiting room of his daughter’s pediatrician’s office in the Londonderry/Derry area. Looking for something to read, he came across a copy of GET and found it fascinating.
At this time, he didn’t think he was going to run for re-election to his position in Derry, however, after coming across GET’s story about Montpelier, VT establishing a net zero goal, he found inspiration for his new campaign platform: finding creative solutions, such as harnessing clean, renewable energy, for non-partisan local issues, such as lowering taxes. This realization led him to create Derry’s Net Zero Task Force and set him and his town on the path to building solar arrays on their town-owned land, recently culminating in the new solar trackers at the Derry transfer station.
When I spoke with Josh, he was elated that GET was reaching out to him to cover the new transfer station trackers as he felt that this meant his journey had come full circle. (It’s not over, though, as Josh told me. As long as he’s around, there’s going to be much more solar coming to Derry in the coming years.)
I promised him I would pass that story along to you and the rest of the GET team. I thought it was a wonderful story to hear, as it proves that the work we all put into GET does enact change in the real world by inspiring and educating those who have the ability to make those sustainable changes a reality in their communities.

Chris Gillespie

Contributing Writer
Green Energy Times