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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Vermont Council on Rural Development Celebrates “Graduation” of Second Class of Climate Catalysts – Application For Next Round Closes October 29

Contact: Jon Copans, VCRD Program Director Phone: (802) 272-0162 E-mail:

Vermont Council on Rural Development Celebrates “Graduation” of Second Class of Climate Catalysts – Application For Next Round Closes October 29

The Vermont Council on Rural Development is celebrating the graduation of 14 local leaders from the second class of the Climate Catalysts […]

Climate Action in Vermont: discussions, meetings and webinars: Sept 19-21, 2021

With the superstorms, mass flooding, and wildfires of the last couple of months, it should be hard to find someone who is still a climate change denier; nevertheless, there still is hesitancy from some Vermont government leaders to adequately address climate change. At this moment, Vermont’s Climate Council is in the process of developing […]

Webinar: Climate Change: Not Too Late?

What are the costs of inaction and what actions can receive national and global support? Bill McKibben will speak about our last best chance to rein in fossil fuels and preserve our planet. Bill McKibben, Professor of Environmental Studies, Middlebury College “We’re Behind at the Top of the Home Stretch, But Starting to Close.” So […]

Tell the Senate to Price Carbon

Pricing carbon and returning a portion of the money to households is the strategy favored by economists worldwide to drop CO2 levels faster than anything else, but more importantly, to not burden low and middle income households. Senators are working on the Reconciliation Bill, with language to be finalized by August 10, so they […]

Don’t let Congress leave out climate action!


You may be aware that Congress is currently deliberating a jobs and infrastructure package in Washington. The legislation is in danger of being pushed through in a stripped-down form that fails to make critical investments in clean energy and green infrastructure. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pass the most important climate legislation […]

Global Problems Require a Global Solution

by James Hansen

Fig. 1. Global Public Square airs on CNN on Sundays at 10 AM and 1 PM U.S. East Coast time.

Fareed Zakaria attracts high level guests to his program because of its reach and objectivity. He lets his guests have the last word on their topic. Yet Zakaria’s interpretations of […]

Join Us for a June 16th Webinar on Vermont’s Climate & Energy Plans



Join us on Wednesday, June 16th at noon for a VECAN webinar to learn about how Vermont’s important clean energy and climate action blueprints connect.

The State of Vermont is simultaneously embarking on two planning efforts: the update to the Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP), which established the important 90% by 2050 total […]

Fighting the Battles, Winning the War

Kayford Mountain, or what was a mountain.

by James Hansen, 1 June 2021

The battles to slow human-made climate change have been fought bravely by ad hoc groups of concerned citizens – trying to stop pipelines, coal mines, fracking, etc. Winning a battle helps, and fights are beginning to be won, including confrontations […]

Act Today: Shape the Future of Energy in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire 10-year State Energy Strategy is due for an update and your opinion matters. Help steer New Hampshire towards a greener and brighter future by submitting a public comment to the Office of Strategic Initiatives.

Some initiatives that we hope to see more of:

• Increase the Renewable Portfolio Standard for Class II […]

Action Alert–Save Standard Offer. Contact Legislators TODAY!

Renewable Energy Vermont is working hard to ensure that the Standard Offer program continues and we need your help. If legislators don’t take action this year, then next year will be the last Standard Offer RFP and this highly successful, cost-effective, diverse, renewable electricity market opportunity will end.

Senators need to hear from you now. […]