Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Weatherization Training

Guy Payne

Most weatherization technicians in the Weatherization Assistance Programs (WAP) have received training from both the state and locally at the various regional WAP agencies. Private weatherization companies typically use on-the-job training and formal training at the company headquarters. The energy auditors for both public and private organizations are certified through Building […]

New OnLogic Global Headquarters Showcases Commitment to Sustainability

Rendering of OnLogic’s new headquarters at Technology Park in South Burlington, Vermont. (Wiemann Lamphere Architects)

Michael J Daley

OnLogic (, with its June 1,2022 groundbreaking for a new headquarters at Technology Park in South Burlington, Vermont, took a significant step to support the phenomenal growth of the company while fostering a […]

ReVision Energy’s Apprenticeship Program

Top: The ReVision Energy Electrical Apprenticeship Program (REEAP) hosted new solar installers from ME, NH, and MA at the South Portland branch for REEAP’s new PV101 training. Bottom: Led by REEAP Coordinator Ben Rubins, Safety Director Brad Costigan, Journeyperson Electrician Evan Provencher, and Journeyperson Electrician Caleb Turner, new electrical apprentices got dedicated time to […]

Wind Energy Training Program at VTC

Vermont Technical College students installing an anemometer (Courtesy photo).

Daniel Costin

As the program chair for the Renewable Energy Engineering Technology degree program at Vermont Technical College (VTC), I have oversight of the process to determine what subjects are taught. The key to this process is the involvement of an active advisory board […]

Sheep Keep the Farm in “Solar Farming”

Agrivoltaic Solutions’ flock of sheep graze near St. Michael’s College’s solar farm. (Photos: Agrivoltaic Solutions)

Michael J. Daley

The typical “solar farm’ with large swaths of – to some – beautiful glistening blue solar panels may look like a monolithic ground cover when glimpsed from the highway, but in fact there […]

Oil and Humans, Part 2

Little spinner in Globe Cotton Mill, Augusta, Georgia. Overseer said she was regularly employed. (Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine, January 1909, U.S. Library of Congress)

Janis Petzel, M.D.

How did we go from tens of thousands of years of simply collecting pitch from naturally occurring tar pits, to the mass extraction […]

Rational Cause for Optimism: Grid Modernization and Labor

The solar industry needs hundreds of thousands of workers. (Courtesy of ReVision Energy)

Phil Coupe

Amid the noise, haste, and chaos of modern life there are more positive developments for humanity than one might think. Everyone focuses on the disasters of the climate crisis, and while those do motivate our […]

Solar at Antioch University New England

Antioch Universy of New England in Keene, NH. (Courtesy image)

Kate Witte

In the fall of 2021, the Antioch University Board of Governors approved the installation of a 141kW ground-mounted solar array at Glover’s Ledge in Langdon, New Hampshire. Glover’s Ledge is an Antioch University New England-stewarded property used for outdoor recreation, student […]

RenewAire To the Rescue for Avon Old Farms School

Avon Old Farms School is a beautiful, sprawling campus of period buildings, where historic preservation makes technological upgrades challenging. Credit: Avon Old Farms

Barb and Greg Whitchurch

Remember the spring of 2020? Covid was a “thing.” Scientists and health officials say, “Watch Out!” Our top-ranking politicians and other so-called influencers […]

Parking Lot Solar

A Perfect Solution for Schools and More

George Harvey

Solar panels over a parking lot at the Intel site in Ocotillo, Arizona (Intel Free Press, Flickr,

One great idea for solar systems is to put them up over parking areas. This has lots of advantages, including not just generating electricity, but […]