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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Meeting Building Performance Standards

How can energy-efficiency programs support building performance standards?

Steven Nadel

Washington DC, New York City, Washington State, and St. Louis have recently adopted mandatory building performance standards (BPS) that require many existing commercial buildings (and often multifamily buildings) to significantly reduce their energy use. Several additional cities and states are considering similar standards. This is […]

Bio-Concrete! What Is it, Why Might We Need It and How Is it Used?

George Harvey

Natural calcium carbonate, made here by a coral reef. (NOAA image, public domain)

Calcium carbonate is really amazing stuff. Of course, we all can visualize it easily. No? Well, it is the basic material in limestone, which the Great Pyramid was built of, and of marble. It is also the thing […]

Better Concrete Here and Now

Greg Whitchurch

While it’s heartening to read here about some of the research and development efforts for lower-carbon concrete, in the meantime standard concrete is contributing to irreversible climate damage.

Climate crisis disasters are driving “climate migration.” A few years ago, Vermont created a commission to address the enormous stresses of soaring immigration to our […]

The State of Heat Pumps in Vermont: A Conversation with Pat Perry

Interview by Efficiency Vermont

Note: Pat Perry is the owner of Vermont Heat Pump, LLC, of Shelburne, VT

Efficiency Vermont: What is your background?

Pat Perry: I worked as an electrical engineer for 30 years, and after that I started Vermont Heat Pump. I’ve had that business for almost 10 years now.

In a nutshell, […]

A Bunch of B.S.* (*Building Science)

Gathering Data for A Wise Future

Nate Gusakov

Picture 1: A three-fan blower door set up to measure air leakage at Starr Hall (ca 1861), Middlebury College Campus. (Zone 6 Energy)

Over this past year, I have been (and continue to be) spending a lot of time poking around in the attics and […]

So, You Want to Build a House? Part 2

Barb and Greg Whitchurch

Now that you’ve passed the quiz on Part 1 published in the June-July issue of Green Energy Times (, let’s just dive right into Part 2.

Credentials: There are now so many designers and builders who’ve built to the performance standards mentioned in Part 1 that there’s no reason […]

Bite the Frost and Go For Net-Zero Energy House Plans

George Harvey

Gwendolen St. Sauveur has a background that almost looks like it was designed for the job she is starting to do. After earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Architecture and Building Technology at Vermont Technical College, she spent two years at a lumber company, Allen Lumber, doing residential design and estimates. […]

DOE Intends to Issue a Funding Opportunity

Opportunity Accelerates the Renovation of Buildings with Energy-Efficient Innovations

Today, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) announced its intent to issue a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) on behalf of the Building Technologies Office (BTO) called “Advanced Building Construction (ABC) – 2021.” This FOA would fund research intended […]

Dick Soule Refrigeration of Enosburg Falls, VT

Efficiency Vermont’s Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN) Contractor Spotlight

Chelsey Lawyer is CEO of Dick Soule Refrigeration. Courtesy photo.

Interview with Chelsey Lawyer, CEO, and Micah Murray, Operations Manager

Efficiency Vermont Staff

Dick Soule Refrigeration has been servicing dairy and commercial businesses in New England and Eastern New York since 1967. […]

A Bunch of B.S.* (*Building Science, of course)

Celebrating the Spring and Autumn Equihume

Condensation on a window. (Ozgu Ozden,

By Nate Gusakov

The practice of marking and celebrating the spring and fall equinoxes is a human custom that is older than Stonehenge. The two points of the year when day is equal to […]