Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

VT Votes Yes To Protect Health & the Environment

The Vermont Senate has voted to advance S.25, which would restrict the use of toxic chemicals like PFAS in personal care products, menstrual products, textiles, and artificial turf. This bill takes important steps to protect Vermonters’ health and our environment from these harmful chemicals, targeting specific areas of consumer products that are major sources of […]

Oh Buoy! Mushrooms to the Rescue

MycoBuoys being prepared for deployment on the Hurricane Island experimental aquaculture farm in June 2023. (Madison Maier, Aquaculture Manager at Hurricane Island)

Janis Petzel, MD

Even if they were not dangerous to human health (which they are), plastics are almost impossible to get rid of, cannot easily be recycled, and […]

Let’s Get to the Heart of the Matter

Beach plastic trash at Freedom Island in the Philippines. (Greenpeace Philippines)

What impact do Microplastics and PFASs have on human health, and what can we do about it?

Janis Petzel, MD


Let’s get to the heart of the matter: plastic pollutants are not good for your heart. Or […]

How Environmental Toxins Can Harm Your Unborn Baby

by James Baker

Environmental toxins are everywhere, so they can easily find their way into the human body. You cannot imagine how many hazardous chemicals you get exposed to every day, from pesticides to cleaning supplies and contaminated water. You must be extra watchful if you are pregnant because prolonged exposure to these toxins can […]

Renewable Energy Can Drive Healthcare Costs Down

Medical tools include stethoscope and laptop. Photo by National Cancer Institute, Unsplash.

George Harvey

Concerns about the health issues relating to the use of fossil fuels have been around for years. Nevertheless, many people do not know how bad things can get – or are.

In October 2016, the […]

Improve your Health: Support Policy in Favor of Halting Climate Change

Dan Quinlan gets help promoting his message to help our planet from his dog, Maple. Courtesy photo.

Dan Quinlan

While the pandemic was the driving health story in 2020, it was not the only major global health story. From coast to coast in the United States, the health and well-being of hundreds of […]

Legionella in a COVID-19 World – a Free Webinar


About the Program:

Join us on Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. EST for a one-hour discussion of Legionnella, the bacteria that can grow in building HVAC and water systems and causes Legionnaires Disease, a severe, and sometimes fatal, form of pneumonia. Understanding Legionnella is especially critical as schools and other buildings […]

Despite COVID-19, More Than Half of Cleantech Firms Still Planning to Recruit in 2020

Hyperion Executive Search Surveyed Impact of COVID-19 on Cleantech

AUSTIN – Results from a recent survey conducted by Hyperion Executive Search, a global talent acquisition company that works exclusively with clean energy and e-mobility, found that despite COVID-19, most cleantech companies plan to expand in 2020. Sixty one percent (61%) of the cleantech […]

Yesterday, coronavirus was declared an international pandemic. Already, there are 129,589 known cases and 4,749 deaths globally.1

Now, it’s even more critical that our government takes action to protect public health. Fortunately, legislation introduced today would provide real help for struggling families. However, Republicans in the Senate are threatening to block this urgent bill.2


UVM Medical Center’s New Solar Array

George Harvey

UVM Medical Center on Holly Court in Williston, Vermont, has a new solar array on the facility’s roof. It has an impressive peak capacity of 198 kilowatts. An aerial photograph taken from directly above it shows clearly the striking fact that very nearly all of the roof was used […]