Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Vermont Adopts Rules for Cleaner Cars and Trucks State Joins Coast-to-Coast Movement to Adopt Zero-Emission Vehicle Regulations

Vermont Adopts Rules for Cleaner Cars and Trucks State Joins Coast-to-Coast Movement to Adopt Zero-Emission Vehicle Regulations

Vermont moved forward with two key regulations to address pollution from transportation in the state: the Advanced Clean Cars (ACC) II program and the Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) regulation. The Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules held a […]

Electric Vehicle Revolution is Accelerating

The City of Lebanon, N.H. displayed its new Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck, one of the first delivered in the country, at the Lebanon Farmers Market. (Credit: Sherry Boschert)

Sherry Boschert

Society’s transition to electric drive is picking up speed, judging by numerous regional projects related to electric vehicles (EVs).


Reasons to Not Get an Electric Vehicle?

The Whitchurches charge their electric vehicle near Prince Edward Island, Canada. (Courtesy photo)

Greg Whitchurch

Why does an electric vehicle (EV) get better mileage in summer than in winter? Why does an EV lose range when driving fast on the Interstates as compared to slower on two-lane highways? Why does an […]

Vermont Event: Support advancement of electric vehicle rulemaking!

Join the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources for an upcoming, regional public engagement event to support advancement of electric vehicle rulemaking!

Vermont has made the commitment to support vehicle electrification with our early 2000s adoption of Advanced Clean Cars. Now, we must keep our commitment and support the advancement of the new iteration of the […]

Efficiency Maine Announces Funding to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Rural Communities


A new initiative from Efficiency Maine will further expand the coverage of the state’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure by supporting installation of public EV chargers in rural communities. This is the first of a series of planned EV charging infrastructure incentives from Efficiency Maine using $8 million allocated by Governor […]

Financially: Keeping a Gas Car or Buying a Plug-In Car


Wayne Michaud

Many factors come into play when evaluating the power source of the personal vehicle you choose to drive. Hold on to your internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle that uses gasoline? Or make the big switch to a plug-in vehicle: either a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) which is an extended […]

Electrifying Transportation in Vermont

And Moving Away from Single Occupancy Gas-powered Vehicles Vermont’s Summer Session Deep Dive on Climate Series

As Vermont continues to work toward a notable reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions, we’re going to need to make a big transition away from gas-guzzling cars to cleaner modes of transportation. The news is […]

USPS Plans for More Electric Mail Trucks


On July 20, 2022, the US Postal Service (USPS) announced that at least 40% of the 84,500 new vehicles it plans to purchase will be battery-electric. That’s four times more electric mail trucks than USPS initially announced it would purchase.

This is a big win, but we must continue to […]

How Are EV Sales Doing in the USA?

George Harvey

Most of us know about Tesla, a maker of electric vehicles (EVs), and have seen its cars driving around. Many of us know that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has been rated as the richest person on Earth, largely because of the company. It seems, however, that not many of […]

Gardner, MA’s First Fast-Charging Station for Electric Cars and Motorcycles

Energica of New England and Rob’s Dyno Service Introduce Area’s First Fast-Charging Station for Electric Cars and Motorcycles

Life-long resident and entrepreneur continues efforts to make Gardner, Massachusetts an electric vehicle destination

Rob Swartz, owner of Rob’s Dyno Service and Energica of New England (EONE) in Gardner, Massachusetts, recently opened the area’s first and only […]