Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

The Solar Sal 24

A True Perpetual Motion Machine

The SS-24 is the first fiberglass hulled all-electric, solar powered boat, and is approved for manufacturing by meeting all the U.S. Coast Guard regulations. It measures 24’ long, holds 10 adults, and features four 360-watt solar panels and four 3500-watt lithium batteries that power a 3,000-watt Torqeedo electric […]

Beating Blue-Green Algae

A blue-green algae at Clear Lake, California, resulted in oxygen depletion in the water and the subsequent mortality of multiple aquatic species, including carp, catfish, bluegill and crappie. (Kirsten Macintyre/Flickr)

Jessie Haas

Nothing ruins a summer day like getting to the beach and discovering it’s closed due to a blue-green algae […]

Building a Permaculture Garden in Italy

This long-neglected olive orchard will soon bloom again. Pruning is kept to a minimum to avoid stressing the trees and opening vectors for disease and insect infestation. (Courtesy photos: Geobarns).

The Geobarns Team

As the son of an immigrant father, it has always been our founder George’s dream to return to Italy to […]

Ingredient of the Month:

Aluminum Cans: Friend or Foe?

Larry Plesent

A concerned reader wrote in with questions about food and beverage cans. Are aluminum cans an Alzheimer’s risk factor? And are there natural protective measures we can take to lower our risk factors for this and other neuro-degenerative diseases?

Do metal cans increase the risk of Alzheimer’s? Probably […]

The Beat Goes On

Watercolor painting by Joyce Dutka

David Fried

My friend I grew up with grows organic vegetables as far as the eye can see. He puts stickers on his boxes of cabbage that state, “Let’s get our heads together.” On his boxes of beets another sticker reads, “Beet the system!”

We […]

Cautionary Words About Foam Insulation

Junio Anthes-Moody

People do have reason to be concerned about using foam where other alternatives are just as viable. All foams that we use are made of plastic, but they vary in the blowing agents that make the tiny bubbles that turn plastic into foam. Some foams such as foil faced polyisocyanurate (commonly […]

Weatherization Training

Guy Payne

Most weatherization technicians in the Weatherization Assistance Programs (WAP) have received training from both the state and locally at the various regional WAP agencies. Private weatherization companies typically use on-the-job training and formal training at the company headquarters. The energy auditors for both public and private organizations are certified through Building […]

Warm and Cool Homes – Part Three:

The Burns’ Straw Bale Home

The Burns’ straw-bale home (AndreaBurns)

Wes Golomb

This is the third in a series of articles based on Wes Golomb’s newly published book and video series, Warm and Cool Homes, Building a Comfy, Healthy, Net-Zero Home You’ll Want to Live in Forever. The book […]

Energy Efficieny Remodel in Maine

An Efficiency Remodel in Maine Shows the Way

Martha and Jesper’s finished deep energy retrofit from the back. Notice the Mitsubishi mini-split at the far right. (Images: the Whitchurches)

Barb and Greg Whitchurch

Is it hard to keep your home comfortably cool when it’s very hot outside? Cozy warm […]

Interpreting IR Images

A Bunch of B.S. (Building Science, of course):

Worth A Thousand Words: An IR Image With a Lot to Say

Nate Gusakov, BECxP

IR image and its twin visible light image. Both were taken at the same time in an office building looking up at a vaulted ceiling with skylights on both […]