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Gardner, MA’s First Fast-Charging Station for Electric Cars and Motorcycles

Energica of New England and Rob’s Dyno Service Introduce Area’s First Fast-Charging Station for Electric Cars and Motorcycles

Life-long resident and entrepreneur continues efforts to make Gardner, Massachusetts an electric vehicle destination

Rob Swartz, owner of Rob’s Dyno Service and Energica of New England (EONE) in Gardner, Massachusetts, recently opened the area’s first and only fast-charging station for electric vehicles (EVs) at the EONE facility located at 45 Fredette Street.

Voltrek, a Lawrence, Massachusetts-based firm that has deployed EV infrastructure across the Northeast, supervised the installation of the new charging hub manufactured by ABB. “Our team at Voltrek was thrilled to deliver this project for Rob, an avid supporter of EV adoption,” says CEO Kathleen Connors. “This fast-charging solution from ABB is equipped to handle cars, trucks and motorcycles and benefits not just Rob’s customers, but also the local community and regional tourism.”

The Energica of New England – Rob’s Dyno Service charging station is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, with a fixed fee of 35 cents per kilowatt (kw). “The ABB fast charger utilizes state-of-the-art technology designed to save electric vehicle owners time and money,” said Swartz.

Opening in 2020, EONE is the only zero-emission motorcycle dealership offering Dyno equipment and software calibrated for testing, tuning and performance optimization for any internal combustion or electric-powered motorcycle brand. EONE was recently approved as a Massachusetts safety inspection facility.

Swartz also designs motorcycle components and accessories for clients, leading after-market suppliers and manufacturers, including HeliBars, Woodcraft, Motus motorcycles and Energica Motor Company.

A 21-time land speed record holder, Swartz recently announced plans for a new zero-emission motorcycle promotion, the inaugural Charging Across America Challenge (CAAC). The CAAC features two Energica riders, Swartz and Steven Day, attempting to break the Cannonball cross-country electric motorcycle record of 178 hours and 17 minutes. Both riders will simultaneously journey coast-to-coast in opposite directions following the original 2,906-mile route of the Cannonball Run, creating a unique “race within a race.”

Designed to promote the nation’s transition to electric-powered vehicles, the event kicks off April 18, 2022, with finish-line crossings scheduled in Redondo Beach, California, and New York City on April 22, 2022 (Earth Day). Swartz is currently seeking sponsors for the event.

For details about Energica of New England electric motorcycles, Rob’s Dyno Service and the Charging Across America Challenge 2022, visit and

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