Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

What Can You Do to Cut Down on Plastic Exposure and Pollution?

Janis Petzel, MD

Stop drinking water from plastic bottles

A recent analysis of commercially available bottled water published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Science” showed a quarter of a million tiny plastic fragments in each liter of water, the bulk of which were nanoparticles (90%), much higher contamination than previously realized. […]

A New Guide for Residential Composting in Vermont

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Michael J. Daley

“The Dirt on Compost” is a new guidebook from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) intended to provide residents with the information they need to comply with Vermont’s Universal […]

Emerging Air-to-water Heat Pump Technology

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Ryan Moag and Margaret Richards

Efforts to decarbonize are taking our nation’s buildings sector by storm, with New York State at the forefront of policymaking for climate-friendly buildings. Given that fossil fuel-supported building operations are responsible for 43% […]

Heat Pumps Outperform Boilers and Furnaces Even in the Cold

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Some utilities and fossil-fuel interests like to say heat pumps don’t work in the cold. A new study provides yet more evidence to debunk that misrepresentation.

Alison F. Takemura

Not only do heat pumps function in freezing […]

The Royal Visit to Boston / Earthshot Prize

The Prince and Princess of Wales at the 2021 Earthshot Prize ceremony. (Photo by the U.S. Ambassador to the U.K.)

George Harvey

The Earthshot Prize was founded in 2020 by William, now Prince of Wales, and Sir David Attenborough to encourage environmentalism. Every year, awards are given out to winners in […]

Waterkeepers in Our Midst

Today the water in the Connecticut River is clear and much cleaner than it was 30 years ago. (Courtesy photo)

Jessie Haas

Many of us are old enough to remember when canoeing on the Connecticut River (or many other waterways in the Northeast) posed a health hazard. Swimming was […]

Pure Water, Clean Air, a Stable Climate and Healthy Environment

An Interview with Maya K. van Rossum, author of The Green Amendment, The People’s Fight for a Clean, Safe, and Healthy Environment coming out November 1, 2022. She is founder of Green Amendments for the Generations, the Delaware Riverkeeper and Leader of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Wing Dam on the Delaware River. […]

Clean Vehicle Federal Tax Credit: Important Changes and What You Need to Know


Molly Passalacqua

On August 16th, President Biden signed into effect the Inflation Reduction Act. A major goal of this act is to combat global climate change by encouraging individuals to purchase “clean” vehicles, such as electric or plug-in hybrid, and moving production to North America.

If you are […]

Vermont’s New ‘Replace Your Ride’ Funds Clean Options for Transportation

Image courtesy of STATE OF VERMONT Agency of Transportation

Under the Replace Your Ride program, incentives of $3,000 are available on a first-come, first-served basis to income-eligible Vermont residents who retire a working, high-polluting vehicle that is at least ten years old and switch to a new or used plug-in electric vehicle.


Can the Electric Grid Handle Charging All Those EVs?

Proterra electric school bus. (Proterra image)

George Harvey

During the recent heatwave in California, grid authorities asked owners of electric vehicles (EVs) to delay charging them for a few hours to avoid additional demand at just the time when demand was highest. Ironically, this came only a few days after the […]