Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Trying is Believing Drives EV Acceptance

Car dealers know you have got to get test drives to move vehicles.

Image Credit: (Sidney Harris)

Mike Bailey

Over 2000 years ago, the story of Doubting Thomas showed that some people just need a hands-on demonstration to accept what’s already in front of them. Today it’s essential […]

What the IRA Means for EVs


Union of Concerned Scientists

Among the climate-focused policies in the Inflation Reduction Act are significant changes to the electric vehicle (EV) tax credit for consumers. While the maximum credit of $7,500 for new EVs remains the same as before, many of the details have changed. Most importantly, the tax credit […]

Are Plug-In Hybrids an Important Transition Option?

The author in his Prius Prime plug-in hybrid in Pittsford, Vermont in the winter. (Courtesy photo)

Alan Betts

An article in the August issue of Green Energy Times debunked the webs of lies about electric vehicles (EVs) that have reduced their sale in the US, where only 5% of new cars […]

EV Performance in Cold Weather

Winter driving can reduce EV range in a way comparable to lower gas mileage in an ICE vehicle. Preheating your EV while it is still plugged in can help reduce winter range loss. (Adobe Stock photo_222789774/teksomolika)

Wayne Michaud

A northern New England – north country winter scenario

It’s 15ºF out and […]

Electric Planes Taking Flight

Rendering of Alice. (Eviation)

George Harvey

It has been over six years since Solar Impulse 2 completed its 16½ month circumnavigation of the Earth, in July of 2016. That plane was powered entirely by solar panels on its upper surfaces, with a battery system to keep the motors running at night. […]

EVs Use Less Energy than ICE Vehicles

Shared by loyal reader, Jim Wick

From a Quora post by Steve Baker

How is the grid holding up with all new electric cars being sold in 2022?

FACT: There are about 2 million electric cars in the USA.

FACT: Average driver does 30 miles per day…so 60 million miles […]

EPA Awards $965M to Electrify School Buses

Green Energy Times Readership Area Allocated $23.6M for 60 Buses

(Wikipedia/H. Michael Miley)

Martin Wahl

On October 26 the Environmental Protection Agency announced nearly $1 billion in awards to 391 U.S. school districts to replace aging, fossil-fueled school buses with 2,468 cleaner, mainly electric models.

This […]

Clean Vehicle Federal Tax Credit: Important Changes and What You Need to Know


Molly Passalacqua

On August 16th, President Biden signed into effect the Inflation Reduction Act. A major goal of this act is to combat global climate change by encouraging individuals to purchase “clean” vehicles, such as electric or plug-in hybrid, and moving production to North America.

If you are […]

Reasons to Not Get an Electric Vehicle?

The Whitchurches charge their electric vehicle near Prince Edward Island, Canada. (Courtesy photo)

Greg Whitchurch

Why does an electric vehicle (EV) get better mileage in summer than in winter? Why does an EV lose range when driving fast on the Interstates as compared to slower on two-lane highways? Why does an […]

Vermont’s Opportunity to Ensure Accessible Electric Vehicles – for Consumers and Climate


The following is a joint op-ed from Vermont Natural Resources Council, Vermont Conservation Voters, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, Conservation Law Foundation, Vermont Chapter of the Sierra Club, and Vermont Public Interest Research Group When it comes to getting where we all need to go – which often needs to be by car […]