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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Energy Dept. Provides Funding for Hydrogen Research

Hydrogen Fuel cell bus with zero emissions. (AdobeStock_308564950, Oleksandr)

Green Energy Times staff

The U.S. Department of Energy announced on July 2 that it is providing a total of $52.5 million to 31 projects to accelerate development of clean hydrogen technology. The projects are working on solving the technological issues for […]

DOE Awards $60 Million to Accelerate Advancements in Zero-Emissions Vehicles

Tesla Model S Zero Emissions. (AdobeStock_419746291)

24 University- and Industry-Led Projects Focus on EV and Battery Technology, New Mobility Systems and Vehicle Lightweighting to Cut Pollution

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced $60 million for 24 research and development projects aimed at reducing carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions from passenger […]

Confessions of an Electric Car Driver in Vermont

Larry Plesent and his Chevy Bolt. (Courtesy photo)

Larry Plesent

It’s been 18 months since I drove my all electric 2020 Chevy Bolt off the lot two icy January’s ago. Here at last, a “seasoned” electric car driver punctures the myths and reveals the downsides of affordable electric commuting cars.

Vehicle Power Out

PlugOut inverter with Randy’s car. Courtesy photo.

Randy Bryan

New Hampshire is not immune to power outages. Everyone knows a tale or two about outages and their effect on lives. While generator solutions abound, everyone also knows a tale or two about generators that won’t start or require too much maintenance. Our topic […]

We Dare You to Look Under the Hood of NHEC Electric Rates!

Tom Belair

Owning and driving an electric vehicle (EV) has many benefits under the hood.

A quiet, more enjoyable driving experience from not having a combustion engine. Less expensive to maintain due to fewer moving parts. Regenerative braking that re-charges the battery. Higher performance that’s more fun to drive. Runs cleaner with zero […]

GMP Begins Electrifying Field Operations Fleet with First All-Electric Bucket Truck

VW Settlement Grant Through State of Vermont Covers Most of the Cost, Major Step Toward Going Fossil-Fuel Free for Field Operations Fleet

Green Mountain Power (GMP) will replace two heavy-duty fossil-fuel field operations trucks with two all-electric trucks manufactured by Lion Electric in 2022 – a fully outfitted bucket truck for line crews […]

50% off Amtrak Sale – Expires Thursday at Midnight

Besides the huge July 19th celebration, Amtrak is offering a 50% off sale for the travel on the Vermonter north of New Haven and entire route of the Ethan Allen — but you must book before the end of Thursday.

This bargain is NOT available at the regular Amtrak website. You have to go to […]

July 19th Celebration of Amtrak’s Resumption in Vermont

Amtrak resumes service in Vermont on July 19th — and plans are under way at every station (and on board) to celebrate!

A special $1 fare is being offered for July 19th only, between any points in Vermont. Reservations will be essential and can be made at

VTrans will provide bus shuttles to enable […]

Recycling Electric Vehicle Batteries

Giving EV batteries new life. When an EV reaches the end of its life in a new vehicle, it can be used for various “second life” purposes before being recycled into new batteries that power a new fleet of EVs.

Jiayu Liang and Nick Iannaco

Reprinted with permission from Volume 21, […]

New Bus Station: Net-zero Electric with No Fossil Fuels

V-shaped roof of the transportation center, designed for rain water collection. Buses enter from this side and the back. (Polly Wheeler, BRD)

Barb Greg Whitchurch

Vermont’s mountainous, rural nature presents challenges to mass transit efforts. And private vehicle travel (especially in gas mobiles) is costing us all a lot with its […]