Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Disasters Hit 90% of USA in 2022

Ortley Beach, New Jersey (Office of the Governor of New Jersey)

George Harvey

Hurricane Sandy hit the United States just over ten years ago. It formed as a hurricane on October 22, 2012, and dissipated on November 2. It caused about $65 billion in damages in this country, nearly all of which happened […]

A Climate Scientist’s Review of COP27

Floods in Pakistan destroyed food systems and left 4000 homeless. (

Alan Betts

The COP27 meeting in Egypt continued the annual discussion of key climate change issues and whether we are on target to keep the warming of the planet below 1.5oC. Teams of people brought their enthusiasm from around the […]

Hershey Signs Up for More Solar

Hershey’s first utility-scale solar farm located in Camden, NC. The solar project is a 20 MW facility on 218 acres of land which reduces CO2 emissions by 32,025t/yr. (BayWa r.e)

Jessie Haas

Chocolate is good for us, body and soul, a source of copper, antioxidants, and joy. But good […]

Inflation Reduction Act Marks Biggest Climate Investment in U.S. History

Bob and Suzannah Ciernia

After years of writing letters to the editor, calling and emailing our elected representatives, and lobbying in person, Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is proud to take some of the credit as one of many environmental organizations that helped move legislators to include significant spending to address climate change in […]

Renewables Survive Hurricane Ian!

Beating a Hurricane with Solar and Batteries!

The community of Babcock Ranch, just outside of Fort Myers, FL, never lost power when hurrcane Ian deevasted the area. (FPL)

George Harvey

The sun doesn’t always shine, but so what?

Hurricane Ian didn’t prevent solar power and batteries from providing electricity 24/7 […]

East Coast Sea Level Rising Fastest in the World

Sandbags protecting the eroding east coastline. (Adobestock/69295946_digidreamgrafix)

George Harvey

For the September 22edition of NPR’s “Fresh Air,” Terry Gross interviewed Brady Dennis about climate change. The show was titled, “Extreme heat, flooding and wildfires: How climate change supercharged the weather,” and it can be heard online at

Brady Dennis […]

The Era of Cheap American Gas is Over

Alternative transportation when gas prices get too high. (Flickr/peggydavis66)

Sam Evans-Brown

In the past two weeks, New Hampshire residents learned that most of our electricity bills will skyrocket in August. For Eversource’s residential customers, the rate they pay kilowatt-hour will rise from 19 cents to more than 32 cents: 22 cents for the […]

Vermont Reaping the Benefits of Yesterday’s Forward-Looking Energy Policies


Jonathan Dowds

New Hampshire households are about to get hit hard, really hard, by rate hikes that will increase electricity bills by an average of more than $70 a month. These unprecedented rate hikes reflect surging natural gas prices and New Hampshire’s ill-fated decision to tie its electricity prices to volatile fossil […]

EV Myths Busted

Martin Wahl

Figure 1: An average new gasoline vehicle emits almost FOUR TIMES as much GHG as a Mustang Mach-E in Montpelier.

In this article we examine six common misconceptions about electric vehicles (EVs) the EPA deals with on their website (

Myth #1: Electric vehicles are worse for the climate than gasoline […]

Winning the Energy War

One type of weapon in the energy wars: Rockets firing from trucks in Ukraine. (Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. CC-BY-SA 2.0

Carl Pope

As we approach the fifth month of the Russian attack on the Ukraine, and expectations of a long struggle rise, it’s ever more important for governments (and society, including […]