Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Gasoline is Cheap — but Charging an EV is Still Cheaper

The average price of home charging an electric vehicle in the U.S., is equivalent to $1.41 per gal.

Karin Kirk

It was easy to make the case for the low cost of electric vehicle charging way back in 2022 when gasoline prices were high and charging an EV was about 70% cheaper than filling up […]

The World Is Burning Around Us, Elmo

Elmo’s posting on X got our attention when one reply said, “The world is burning around us, Elmo”. (USAID Indonesia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Martin Wahl

… is how YouTuber Steven McInerney famously responded to Elmo’s January 29 post on X (formerly Twitter) asking “How is everybody doing?” Well, Mr. McInerney […]

The Power of Solar in Your Community

Lowering your town, county and school taxes and additional benefits

G. Harvey and N.R. Mallery

Berne, New York is a small rural community near Albany, the state capital. It is in some ways similar to many other towns across the United States. Its population was 2,695, at last count, and its character is mostly rural […]

Hockey Legend Mike Richter

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Hockey Legend is Making Buildings More Energy-efficient

Mike Richter helped win a Stanley Cup for the New York Rangers. Now he’s bringing a new […]

A Deal to Move Away From Fossil Fuels!


Martin Wahl

After heated debate about how far the conference would go asking for the reduction of fossil fuel production and use, the 197 participating countries agreed in overtime to call for “transitioning away from fossil fuels in energy systems” by 2050. While smaller island nations say the deal does […]

Celebrating Holidays 2023

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Tweak Your Holiday Traditions to Make them Green(er)

Janis Petzel

No matter which holidays your household celebrates, the joy comes from spending time with family and friends, sharing traditions and special food, and exchanging gifts. But all […]

Staggering Growth of Renewable Energy – Good-paying Jobs are Growing too

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George Harvey

Many young students who will graduate in the spring are already actively looking for jobs. Others, who will graduate after that, are starting to give the matter some serious thought. For all of them, there is […]

The Changing Climate Impacts To Retirement Planning

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Jessie Haas

It used to be a given; the best states to retire to, for winter-weary Northerners, were Florida and Arizona, both of which have seen huge population surges since the widespread adoption of air-conditioning. The summer of […]

Disasters Hit 90% of USA in 2022

Ortley Beach, New Jersey (Office of the Governor of New Jersey)

George Harvey

Hurricane Sandy hit the United States just over ten years ago. It formed as a hurricane on October 22, 2012, and dissipated on November 2. It caused about $65 billion in damages in this country, nearly all of which happened […]

A Climate Scientist’s Review of COP27

Floods in Pakistan destroyed food systems and left 4000 homeless. (

Alan Betts

The COP27 meeting in Egypt continued the annual discussion of key climate change issues and whether we are on target to keep the warming of the planet below 1.5oC. Teams of people brought their enthusiasm from around the […]