Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Did Solar Power the Super Bowl?

From Inside Climate News Did Solar Power the Super Bowl? – KileyPrice -Inside Climate News – “The entire 1.8-million-square foot stadium is climate-controlled and boasts more than 2,200 screens for fans who don’t have a front-row seat to the action. Overall, Super Bowl Sunday festivities were projected to use up around 28 megawatt-hours of […]

Groundbreaking Stanford Study Shows that Batteries Plus Fuel Cells Can Ensure Reliable, Cheap Clean Energy to Help Solve Climate Crisis

Study busts the myth that fossil fuels are needed to keep the lights on and finds that transitioning to clean energy can reduce costs by around 61%

Stanford, Calif.– A new groundbreaking study out of Stanford University demonstrates that combining battery storage with hydrogen fuel cells can ensure low-cost reliability when countries, including the […]

New Hampshire Seeks IRA Grant to Help Low-income Residents Tap the Benefits of Solar

State is seeking $70 million in federal funding and partnering with housing advocates hoping to expand access to solar power for low- and moderate-income residents.

This solar project at the Mascoma Meadows manufactured home cooperative in Lebanon, New Hampshire is an example of the type of project that could get […]

Local Renewables Lower Electric Rates for All Granite Staters

CENH’s proposed net metering rate would add compensation for an additional 50% of the distribution rate for small generators (<100kW) and 50% of the transmission rate and 50% of the distribution rate for large generators (>100kW). These changes would result in improved economics for local solar, and would still result in $8 million […]

Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire Offers Lowest Rates for Third Consecutive Period

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The Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire (CPCNH) has announced a significant drop in its base electric rate for spring 2024. Member communities will see a 26% reduction in its base electric rate to 8.1¢ per […]

Pitney Meadows Community Farm Demonstrates Our Sustainable Future Is Today

“This is the world we can build. We can address climate change alongside other issues. It’s not going to cost you a ton of money. It might save you money. We’ll have cleaner air. We’ll have more energy security.” – Dr. Hannah Ritchie

High Peaks Solar designed and built a 34-kW […]

Saffron and Solar Farms: A Successful Agriculture Solution

Harvest with standard agricultural equipment operating between rows of solar panels. (Courtesy photo)

George Harvey

Farmers must work hard. People accept that to the point that it seems almost legendary. Farmers have to live with the realities of drought, floods, infestations of pests, late frosts in the spring, and early frosts […]

Municipal Solar in a Rural Small Town, Windham, Vermont

Old Meeting House, nowpowered by solar. (Doug Kerr, Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA 2.0)

George Harvey

When someone familiar with rural Vermont thinks of a small community, the image that comes to mind might be very like the town of Windham. It is not the smallest town, as several Vermont towns are smaller, […]

Meet Your Solar Installer: ReVision Energy

Maineri home, complete with ground-mounted solar. (Images courtesy of ReVision Energy)

George Harvey

It seems that hardly an issue of Green Energy Times goes to press without some mention of ReVision Energy. That is only partly because ReVision is one of the largest solar installers in New England. The company is […]

New Hampshire seeks IRA grant to help low-income residents tap the benefits of solar

Solar array (Chelsea, Unsplash, cropped)

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New Hampshire’s Department of Energy has requested a $70 million federal grant to expand community solar programs for low-income residents, an infusion of funds that supporters said could lower energy bills, […]