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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Derry, NH Solicits Bids on 2.2MW Solar Farm

GOV Sununu Signs HB315, Expanding Municipal Solar Capacity to 5MW

Governor Sununu signs two renewable energy bills in Derry, NH.

Taking advantage of signed NH Legislative Bills HB315 and SB91 by GOV Sununu at the Derry Fordway Transfer facility on August 26, 2021, the Town of Derry is currently soliciting bids for a […]

Two Opportunities to Learn More About Competing in the Solar Decathlon; Apply by October 26


Applications are open for the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon®! Join two upcoming events to learn about a collegiate competition that prepares the next generation of building professionals to design and build high-performance, low-carbon buildings powered by renewables.

Informational Webinar

Kick-start your Solar Decathlon competition by joining us for an informative webinar […]

Impressive Solar Progress in New York State

The 6.1-MW array in Bethel, New York. (Courtesy photo)

George Harvey

One thing about some renewable energy technologies is how astonishingly quickly they can be developed. It is common for a developer to announce the start of a major development that is to be finished in six months, and follow that […]

Hanover Community Power Aggregation Moves Forward

Hanover town officials at the town meeting held at Dewey Field (Photos are screenshots of the CATV coverage of town meeting)

George Harvey

Hanover, New Hampshire, started acting on a switch to renewable energy some time ago. Clearly, that happened long before 2017, when its residents voted at town meeting to […]

Community and Market-Based Renewable Energy Legislation Prevails

NH State House in Concord. (Wikimedia)

Commendation for Enduring Cross-Party Energy Leadership, Sen. Jeb Bradley and Hon. Clifton Below1

Henry Herndon

It has been a dramatic legislative session for those who follow energy policy in New Hampshire. As the dust settles, one particularly consequential energy bill emerges from the scrum […]

New Hampshire Clean Energy News

RMC’s Stearns Lodge gets a new metal roof, 21 solar panels were installed and a heat pump. (Revision Energy)

Green Energy Times Staff

Associated Grocers of New England Solar Project

ReVision Energy’s Brentwood, New Hampshire, office is installing what will be the largest rooftop solar array in New Hampshire on […]

Solar Power World’s Top Installers plus G.E.T.’s List

The 1.38MW Windsor solar project was built in 2020 by Aegis Renewable Energy of Windsor, MA. (Aegis Renewable Energy)

George Harvey

Each year, Solar Power World (SPW) publishes its “Top Solar Contractors List,” including hundreds of installers in the United States. ( The list is made up of 426 […]

Woodstock, Vt’s Net-Zero Ice Arena is Up and Running!

Eastside solar panels consisting of 644 430-watt modules that cover the entire roof. (Images: EJay Bishop, Woodstock Union Arena Community Center)

Barbara Whitchurch

The Union Arena Community Center ( in Woodstock, VT might be the first ice arena renovation in North America to reach net zero. The arena is the culmination […]

DeltaClimeVT Energy 2021 Graduates

Neothermal Energy Storage co-founders Louis Desgrosseilliers and Jill Johnson with a very early lab prototype ETS system used to evaluate the various component interactions. Photo courtesy of the Nova Scotia Community College.

Entrepreneurs from seven start-ups, focused on reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, graduated from […]

A Collaborative Partnership for Solar Education

Power Guru & Sage St Mill A Sustainability Demo Hub for Innovation Bennington-based Power Guru and Sage Street Mill, a site location for a 40kW rooftop array but more importantly, an innovation hub for small businesses with a commitment to sustainability and green energy, have formed a collaborative partnership for solar education. Power Guru […]