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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Attention Solar Businesses: Participate in G.E.T.’s Solar Feature for the mid-February Issue

We hope all is well with you, and that you installed a ton of solar this year.

We are planning to run a center-spread feature in the upcoming issue of Green Energy Times showcasing solar companies who service our region. Information for the article will be collected from an interactive questionnaire. In order to participate, […]

Historical Dan and Whit’s Store Looks to the Future with Energy Efficiency

Historic Dan and Whit’s general store, a landmark in Norwich, Vermont, looks to the future with continued investment in renewable energy and efficiency. (Courtesy images)

Meghan Chambers

Like many country stores in Vermont, Dan and Whit’s is a community hub. Operating in Norwich for more than 150 years, Dan and Whit’s is where […]

Nuclear Power Won’t Save the World

It Won’t Even Help

San Onofre nuclear plant (awnisALAN, CC-BY-SA 2.0)

Originally published at Green Energy Times.

By George Harvey

An old paradigm

The electricity most of us use comes from a system that was designed mostly over a hundred years ago. It was built around concepts […]

Goosebay Sawmill and Lumber

Retail barn with rooftop solar (Photos: Goosebay Sawmill and Lumber)

George Harvey

Goosebay Sawmill and Lumber in Chichester, NH has been in continuous operation since it was started in 1978 by Carl Mahlstedt. Goosebay is family owned and operated. Son Carl runs the daily operations with his dad, and family member Lydia West […]

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center Goes Solar

Phase one has recently begun of the 139kW solar installation at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. Approximately 20% of the project’s solar panels (totaling 24.82kW) are being installed on the roof of the Early Childhood Education Center which is home of the Science Center’s Blue Heron School. (Courtesy photo)

In 2016, when Squam […]

Green Power Series: Solar Farms in the Northeast

Part II – Bolstering Economic CSF Investment for Maine and Vermont

(This is the second in a series of Green Energy Times (G.E.T.) articles that focus on community solar farms (CSFs). The first, in the October issue, was a general overview of CSFs, while this one covers several CSFs located in Maine and Vermont. The […]

Let It Snow: Solar and Winter Weather

For the record, unless you plow your roof, you don’t necessarily need to clear your solar panels.

Rachel Gentile

Resonant Energy is a Massachusetts-based solar provider. Here, questions about how changing weather and cold winters affect solar production, are above and beyond the most common item we hear from clients. In […]

Considering Solar Installations for New Homes?

Home with solar system by Maine Solar Solutions. It has an 8.01 kW array consisting of eighteen 445-watt REC solar panels with one SolarEdge SE10000H-US inverter. It is designed to produce 10,145kWh per year. (Courtesy photo)

Solar Electric and New Construction – Sizing Considerations

George Harvey

When homeowners consider installing a […]

Danville School to Benefit from Local Solar — Right Next Door

Installation crew on site in Danville preparing posts and racking for the panels (November 18,2021 – Danville, Vermont, courtesy photo)

Continuing its 10-year focus of providing solar power projects to Vermont schools, Norwich Solar is pleased to announce that the Danville School, Cabot High School and Twinfield Union School will be receiving […]

Community Solar for Brattleboro Affordable Housing Opportunities

Brattleboro Housing Partnerships Team

Affordable Housing Provider, Brattleboro Housing Partnerships, Reduces Operating Costs via Solar Net Metering Agreement

Ajah Tier

At the end of October, 2021, Norwich Solar, as part of its Community Impact Group, announced the start of construction of a Community Solar project in Clarendon, VT with Brattleboro Housing Partnerships as […]