Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

USDA Rural Development Funds New Hampshire and Vermont Grantees

To see the article as it appears in print, please load the pdf file HERE.

Part of Biden-Harris Administration’s $808 Million Investment to Strengthen Infrastructure, Create Jobs Throughout U.S.

On August 28, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) State Director of Rural Development in Vermont and New Hampshire, Sarah Waring, announced […]

Tick Tack Toe — Away You Go

Mainejane’s Tacklers fit around a person’s ankle stopping ticks before they can crawl up your leg. Below: a tick stuck in place. (Courtesy photos)

N.R. Mallery

This story starts in Maine. A woman goes out for a walk with her dog and comes back to find fifty ticks crawling up her […]

Green Giving

Jessie Haas

You love the people in your life. You love your planet. You want your holiday giving to benefit both. Possible? Very much so.

The right book is a gift that can last decades and change lives. In no particular order, I recommend Walden by Henry David Thoreau. Warning: this book […]

New Rebate Helps GMP Customers Save When Switching Away from Fossil Fuel for Cooking

$200 Rebate for Induction Cooktops Adds to GMP’s Programs

Colchester, Vt. – Starting October 1, Green Mountain Power (GMP) customers can save $200 when they switch from fossil fuel for cooking and install a new electric induction cooktop or range. Induction technology heats up and cools down faster than fossil fuel and […]

Living in an Estrogenic World

Chemicals from plastics can leach into the drink or food it holds, especially when the plastic is heated or cooled. (Flickr/Steven Depolo, Dec 2, 2010)

Larry Plesent

Previous Ingredient of the Month articles have focused on various plastics and their effects on human health. Let’s take a deeper dive into the […]

Two Faces of Flowers

(Painting by Gabriel Tempesta)

David Fried

Why does it feel so good when someone gives you flowers? They are so small and light but they are so important.

You are walking along a forest path and all of a sudden you see a flower. Or a mushroom. Or a chipmunk. […]

Vermont Tech Renewable Energy Students Make Connections to Industry

Henry Pentland, student at Vermont Tech, levels the pedestal bolts for a solar PV tracker system as part of his summer work experience at Solaflect Energy. (Photo Credit: Henry Pentland)

Daniel Costin, Program Chair, Renewable Energy, Vermont Technical College

The renewable energy program at Vermont Tech was founded in 2014 with […]

The Putney School Is at It Again!

The front page of Green Energy Times, May 2010, featured the Net-zero Putney Fieldhouse. Read this edition HERE.

Barb and Greg Whitchurch

Twelve years ago, Green Energy Times (May 4, 2010) reported on an innovative building project in southern Vermont at The Putney School, a private residential high school. They built […]

Washington on the Verge of “Cleanest Homes in the Nation”

Seattle Washington’s skyline and Space Needle (Dllu via Wikipedia)

Alejandra Mejia Cunningham

The State of Washington continues to take bold steps toward clean and healthy new buildings this year. After adopting a requirement that all new commercial buildings must use high efficiency space and water heating equipment that can run […]

Warm and Cool Homes #4: The House That Jack Built

Jack Bingham’s house in Barrington, NH (Jack Bingham)

Wes Golomb

Jack Bingham’s house is a direct result of the research he conducted at the University of New Hampshire on how heat pumps can make greenhouses usable in the winter. Most greenhouses are either shut down in winter or are inefficiently heated […]