Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

HeatSmart Campaigns in New York and Massachusetts

Georgena Terry, CESA Research Associate

Note: This is the third in a series on community-based strategies for increasing the adoption of residential renewable heating and cooling technologies. For more information on community-based strategies and renewable heating and cooling technologies, please see the September 2019 and November 2019 issues of G.E.T. and read the Clean Energy […]

A Growing Interest in Window Inserts in Vermont

Shrinking window plastic to take out wrinkles in Thetford, VT. Photo courtesy of Bob Walker.

Green Energy Times staff

Volunteer groups in Vermont have begun to adopt a Community-Workshop approach to the problem of drafty windows and high heating bills. Custom-fitted inserts, that can be equally suitable for old casements or […]

Affordable Leaky Window Solutions

Tin Mountain Energy Team Wants to Help Warm Up Your Windows

A Window Quilt® installed above a set of double windows. Photo courtesy of Window Quilt®.

Russ Lanoie

The Mount Washington Valley’s Tin Mountain Energy Team, originally formed to help local residents install solar hot water systems following the PAREI model (Plymouth Area […]

Investing for Impact and Financial Success

Harry Moran, CFP®, AIF®

With the wide availability of mutual fund and exchange traded fund (ETF) impact investing vehicles, it’s become relatively easy for an individual investor to get started. There’s also an abundance of solid information available online through resources such as USSIF, Green America, As You Sow, and This represents tremendous progress […]

Replacing your boiler? Consider pellets!

J.S. Fitzpatrick

I have a pellet boiler in my basement that heats my house. Not a pellet stove, but an electronic, touch screen, digital-brain modern boiler that is run by thermostats, just the same as a gas or oil-fired unit.

I’m planning on this boiler keeping me warm and cozy for two or three decades […]

The Many Co-Benefits of a Good Climate Solution

John Gage

The cheapest and quickest way to reduce climate pollution is to put a price on it and let efficient market forces unleash the investment, innovation, and transition to clean energy required. We can protect household budgets during the transition, protect US businesses from free-polluting foreign competition, and strongly encourage all other countries […]

Efficiency Vermont’s EEN Contractor Spotlight: Integrated Solar Applications

Interview with Katrina Wilson, Vice President of Operations and Sales

Katrina Wilson, Integrated Solar Applications

Green Energy Times Staff

1. What is your area of expertise?

As designers and installers of solar and heat pump systems, our expertise is getting to know our customers and their homes, while we discuss their […]

Reader Op-ed: “Green-washing” Gas

Vermont Gas Systems leads the way

H. Clattenberg

A November 14th press release from Vermont Gas Systems (VGS) trumpeted a bold new initiative: “VGS Targets Elimination of Greenhouse Gas Emis-sions by 2050.”¹ It sounds revolutionary and wonderful. The poser, though, is how can VGS eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from its product, which is essentially pure […]

The Mount Washington Valley Hosts an Adult Day Center in Center Conway, NH

MWV Adult Day Center. Courtesy photos

Roger Lohr

So many people who are aging and dealing with varying levels of memory loss sit at home alone with the television all day long. The adult day care center’s time has come, and a facility has been created to provide senior-care […]

Living Off Solar Credits

Log home build by author provides enough solar energy and solar gain to live off during the summer and bank credits for winter use. Courtesy photos.

Alan Phenix

In 1978, the Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH) was charging customers for the construction of the Seabrook Nuclear Plant. I lived thirty miles […]