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Boston Hosts the World’s Tallest Passive House

What Lessons Can Your Home Design Take From the Winthrop Center?

Winthrop Center, on right. (Winthrop Center)

Greg and Barb Whitchurch

The Winthrop Center in Boston ( is the tallest and largest office building in the world to earn Passive House certification. Located near Faneuil Hall in Boston’s historic district, it also […]

Free Virtual Seminar—High-Performance Home: Energy Efficiency is Only a Good Start

Free Virtual Seminar High-Performance Home: Energy Efficiency is Only a Good Start

In this virtual seminar, green building pioneer Sam Rashkin, former Chief Architect at the Department of Energy and considered the father of ENERGY STAR, will explore how you can optimize sustainable design, building science, and construction best practices as […]

Seeking nominations for award-worthy energy efficiency programs

Does your organization operate an exemplary energy efficiency program? Do you know of an energy efficiency program that has achieved high participation rates, utility bill savings, better indoor air quality, job creation, or additional benefits? Do you believe this exemplary program deserves an award that can inspire other programs to replicate its success?


Webinar: Doubling the Pace of Energy Efficiency Progress

Doubling the Pace of Energy Efficiency Progress Thursday, February 29, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

At COP28, 132 nations, including the United States, committed to working together to make energy efficiency the “first fuel” and double the rate of energy efficiency improvements. But what will it take to actually go from 2% annual energy […]

UltraTech Lighting – Magnetic Induction Solutions

Snow-Bright in action. (Ultra-Tech Lighting)

George Harvey

We read by lights and we work by lights, but we also have special lights for other purposes. There are special lights for refrigerators and ovens. We have lights to control bugs on our lawns, so we can sit under them on summer evenings. […]

Meriden, NH’s New Library Showcases an Energy Efficient Building Design

Meriden, NH’s New Library Showcases an Energy Efficient Building Design

G.E.T. staff

The construction of the Meriden, New Hampshire library on 22 Bean Road presented an ideal opportunity for energy-efficient new construction through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative- funded NHSaves Municipal Program and partner utility Liberty. The project included demolition of the 1965 building […]

Contractor Spotlight: Sisler Builders Energy Division

Members of Sisler’s Energy Division crew are (lt to rt): Chuck, Lou, Kerson, and Mike D’Muhala. (Courtesy photos)

Contractor Spotlight: Sisler Builders, Energy Division

Interview with Mike D’Muhala, Energy Division Manager, Stowe, VT

G.E.T. Staff

G.E.T.: How and when did you get started in this industry?

Mike D’Muhala: […]

Green Mountain Enclosure Consulting, LLC, Bristol, VT

Interview with Nate Gusakov, Owner

Nate Gusakov of GMEC performs a blower test on a large building. (Courtesy photo)

G.E.T. Staff

G.E.T. What is your background?

Nate Gusakov.: I was born and raised in the town of Bristol in Addison County, VT. My parents’ house is on the edge of Hogback Mountain […]

Clearing Up the Gray Areas

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How Envelope Remote Conditions Monitoring (ERCM) can influence modern building practices

A sample graph of results from an Envelope Remote Conditions Monitoring system (photo:

Nate Gusakov

A large part of modern high-performance building design and […]

York, Maine Is Ready for Climate Action

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With Help of Energy Coaches

York Ready for Climate Action

Every time we take a hot shower, turn up the thermostat or drive our car, we may feel a pang of guilt, knowing that we are contributing […]