Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Sustainability and Challenges for XC Ski Centers

Craftsbury Outdoor Center’s rooftop solar and diesel groomer. All photos courtesy of COC.

Roger Lohr

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing are some of the most “sustainable” recreational activities requiring skiers or snowshoers to use their own power and techniques to move over the snow. But when these sports are offered commercially, the trails […]

Is this Recyclable? Tips to Recycle Right in Vermont

Recyclables on the conveyor belt with a worker sorting them at the Williston, VT Materials Recovery Facility. Photo courtesy of Cassandra Hemenway.

Cassandra Hemenway

We’ve all done it. There’s a thing we’re not sure of – a lightbulb, a plastic bag, maybe a Styrofoam tray– and we throw it in the recycling bin […]

Where (Isn’t) the Beef?

Tackling the ever-evolving world of meat-based burger alternatives

Many meat-alternative burgers are on the market. Courtesy photo.

Marc Kaye

Long gone are the days when finding an alternative burger for vegetarians or vegans was a distant wish. Today, there are more options than ever, and I’m here to help you make a decision […]

Vermont Brewshed® Alliance is Launched

Clean water for good health, environment and beer

Jessie Haas

Beer. Did you ever sit there staring at a pint, wondering what’s in it? People love to talk about hops and barley, but, fundamentally, beer is water, over 90% water. And without good water, you can’t make good beer.

That’s the basic insight behind […]

Reforestation Versus Biomass

Hapgood Pond Recreation Area of the Green Mountain National Forest. USDA photo.

George Harvey

Through reforestation, we can draw down atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO₂). We can also use wood from the forests to heat our homes. The question is, can we do both of these things at the same time?

Feeling your Oats

Avena sativa, the Unexpected Superfood

Large glumes of Avena sativa plant enveloping 2-4 glabrous and mostly awn less florets characterizes the spikelet of cultivated oats. Image: Matt Lavin/Flickr

Larry Plesent

When I think of superfoods (ingredients that are especially high in vitamins, minerals and other botanical goodies), I think of exotic red berries […]

Good Viburnums

American highbush cranberry in Johnson, VT. Photo courtesy David Fried

David Fried

Walking up the dirt road in Johnson, Vermont the other day, I came across glowing red berries in clusters all over the stems of a large bush. I tasted some. Wow. Sour, but good. Would be very fine in a cranberry […]

Revisiting Sustainable-Sugaring Operations

George Harvey

Five years have gone by since the Green Energy Times’ article “Sustainable Sugaring” appeared (). We felt it was time to reconnect with some of the people we interviewed and see how they are doing, especially regarding their sustainability efforts.

Silloway Maple’s 17.5-kW rooftop solar on their […]

Brattleboro and Bellows Falls, VT Middle Schools

Save 45% in Fuel Costs with Renewable Heating and New Biomass Boiler Systems

The Green Street School is located in Brattleboro, VT. Image:

Jim Van Valkenburgh

A project to upgrade the heating system at Green Street School (GSS) in Brattleboro, VT has been a tremendous success in comfort, annual energy […]

Clean Energy Champion of the Year

Clean Tech Business of the Year Awardees Recognized at Annual Member Holiday Dinner

Clean Energy Champion Award Winner, Tony Giunta (middle), poses with Clean Energy NH Staff (from left to right): Henry Herndon, Executive Director Madeleine Mineau, Brianna Brand, and Michael Behrmann. Photo credit: Clean Energy NH.

Clean Energy NH, the Granite State’s […]