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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Now that Climate Change is Here, How Do You Invest?

There’s no denying climate change any longer after the recent rash of climate events. (

Todd M. Walker and Craig R. Walker

We’ve been warned since the ‘70s, of course. –although scientists and environmentalists called it “The greenhouse effect” back then. Over the years the debate raged over whether the impact from man-made […]

Greenvest Named “Best for the World” B Corp for 2021

Ranking in the Top 5% of Certified B Corps Worldwide.

Craig Walker, Financial Advisor and Todd Walker,Founder and Senior Advisor. (Greenvest®)

After little more than a year since being approved as a B Corp™, socially responsible investment firm Greenvest® has been named a Best for the World™ B Corp for their exemplary performance […]

Maine Law Ends Fossil Fuel Investment in Employee Fund

Maine State House in Augusta. (David Grant/Flickr)

Toby Martin

When a state’s visionary leadership unites and exhibits bipartisan courage to create a noteworthy and groundbreaking law as Maine’s L. D. 99 has, it deserves recognition.

On January 11, 2021, Maine State Representative O’Neil of Saco and nine others united and co-sponsored […]

The Foodscraps 360 Solution


Wright currently collects four tons of food scraps a month and composts them, producing what she calls ‘black gold.’ Courtesy image.

Jessie Haas

A former graphic artist and current real estate appraiser in upstate New York, Diana Wright, found herself getting frustrated with the way the world was going, and ten years […]

The Refill Station Solution

Customers bring their own containers to The Refill Station to buy cleaning and personal care products in bulk. Other eco-friendly products are offered all with the goal of minimizing waste. Photos courtesy of The Refill Station in Portsmouth, NH.

George Harvey

Jessica Blasko is an experienced physical therapist who has had […]

Norwich Solar Technologies – One of Vermont’s Best Places to Work

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, VERMONT, January 21, 2020 – – has earned the distinction of being named one of the 2021 Best Places to Work in Vermont. Vermont Business Magazine and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce announced this week the top Best Places to Work in Vermont 2021.

The awards program was created […]

Energy Audit Grants and Clean Energy Financing from NH CDFA

Paragon Digital Marketing renovated and moved operations to this vacant historic church in Keene, using CDFA financing to add 34 kW of solar. The company also installed air-source heat pumps, LED lighting and made significant improvements in air sealing and insulation. Photo: Scott Maslansky.

Scott Maslansky

Energy costs can be a significant and […]

Climbing out of the Crisis: a Net-Zero Economy

Wind Lift I, a jack-up ship for installing offshore wind turbines. Photo by kaʁstn, Wikimedia Commons

George Harvey

The German Institute for Economic Research, usually called the DIW Berlin from its name in German, is a non-profit economic research institution funded by the country’s federal government. In early July, it […]

Phase-out Fossil-Fuel Financing

Protest at the Legislative Building in Olympia, Washington. Ted Nation, an activist for several decades, sits beside the protest sign. Image: Wikipedia Commons.

Alan Betts

This year I am searching for solutions to the climate and extinction crises, because time has run out. As society is focused on the COVID-19 crisis, the […]

Coronavirus Bails Out the Oil Patch

The fix is in for politically favored oil, gas and coal companies.

California oil pumps. Does the oil industry need a bailout? Photo: CGP Grey, Wikimedia Commons,

Carl Pope

The huge financial aid package enacted by Congress this spring entailed a sprawling array of programs to direct funding, guarantee […]