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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

The North Hollow Diet, Part II

A diet for an increasingly toxic planet


Today’s Menu: Eating the colors of the planet

By Larry Plesent

In the April 2018 issue of Green Energy Times, we talked about the North Hollow Diet. The discussion focused on how super nutrition combined with a reduction in exposure to dangerous chemicals is the […]

A Pledge to Live More Sustainably

Church Members Commit to Reducing Their Personal Carbon Footprint

George Plumb is pictured on the left along with a helper, Dan Jones, while one of the church members signs the pledge.

By George Plumb

Carbon emissions keep on rising! What we need now is for humanity to change their lifestyles, so that we live […]

The North Hollow Diet

An Answer to “Magic Hot Button Ingredient” Diets


By Larry Plesent

Did you ever notice how most diets (like cosmetics and supplements) are marketed around a “magic hot button ingredient”? Are you counting carbs? Avoiding sugars? Bulking up on meat? Do you take handfuls of pills for breakfast? Wake to the sound […]

Ingredient of the Month


Chimpanzee. Image: Flickr

By Larry Plesent

The thing about ubiquitous invisible cultural perceptions is that they are, well, often invisible. I stumbled onto one of these last week when I saw a pop-news headline claiming once again that chimpanzees are our closest genetic relatives. This, in fact, is not exactly true.

According to […]

Ingredient of the Month – Intent

Kung Fu fighters: Pixabay

By Larry Plesent

My buddy Ivan claims that electron beams come out of our eyes when we look at something.

“How else would you explain why people almost always know when someone is watching them?” he would demand.

Anyone who has had the experience of turning suddenly to find someone […]

When Natural Products are More Effective than Synthetic Ones

The inner bark of the white willow was used for pain relief long before aspirin. Image:

By Larry Plesent

Most of what we call medicinal drugs are in fact synthetic versions of the healing molecules found in plants. Plants, it seems, have been fighting cancer, viruses, bacterial and insect pests for […]

Preserving the Greens of Summer with DIY Dried Herbs

St. John’s Wort plant. Image from:

By Larry Plesent

It is safe, free, fun and easy to dry your own herbs for those long winter nights to come. All you need is a ball of string and sturdy scissors or small pruners. Here’s how to do it.

Start with clean, green, fresh, healthy […]

Troubled Waters for Lobsters

By George Harvey

With climate change, New England’s ocean waters have been warming. Temperatures have been going up in the Gulf of Maine, the waters off Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, about as fast as anywhere on Earth, and Long Island Sound is only slightly better. Climate change is beginning to take a toll on […]

Scientific Method and Global Warming

I have a longtime friend who identifies himself as a scientist. One of his favorite sayings goes like this, “Most people that think science is a body of facts. It’s not. Science is in reality a method of inquiry.”

And he is absolutely correct.

Generally speaking, scientific method consists first of observation and measurement. […]

Ingredient of the Month: What Does It Mean To Be Green?

Young men standing in a field of green tomatoes in Africa. Photos: Larry Plesent

By Larry Plesent

Everybody wants to be “green.” But what does it mean? For some, “natural” is about atoms and molecules. Where did those atoms come from? What was their last incarnation? Carbon for example is an element and as […]