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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Eating Well for Your Health

Eat your reds, yellows and greens. (Flickr/David Saddler)

Larry Plesent

Over-the-counter pain reducers (NSAID’s) are a $2 billion-a-year industry in the USA, just 11% of the total $18 billion annually spent on pain medication. Over 100 million Americans are in chronic pain. It’s time to take a step back and ask […]

Castile Soap

Five Cool Uses for Castile Liquid Soap That You Might Not Know

Known for their mildness, Castile soaps were developed 300 years ago in “La Castilia” region of Spain by artisans that brewed natural liquid soaps from a mixture of olive and coconut oils and herbs. The master soap makers at Vermont Soap […]

Ingredient of the Month: Don’t Blame the Cow

Larry Plesent

Twenty years ago, a young man took upon himself the mission of expanding inner city gardens. He wanted to do this for all the right reasons. He wanted to create fresh food, knowledge of where our nourishment comes from and a safe green neighborhood environment. What he envisioned was both a respite and […]

Life in the Age of Unintended Consequences

Larry Plesent

We often speak of science and technology in the same breath. And there is logic to this as science can lead to changes in technology. The growth of technology is so basic to modern society that our financial system is largely based on investing in it, and in the predicted profits from its […]

The Hippies Had It Right

Young people near the Woodstock music festival in August 1969. (Wikipedia)

Larry Plesent

The polls are closed, the results are in, and four out of five of my IPA-drinking friends agree. The hippies had it right. And if we had continued on their track, western civilization would have evolved much differently over the […]

An E-mower User Experience

Spring is here and Larry Plesent is ready to use his e-mower again. Courtesy photo.

Larry Plesent

I don’t know about you, but mowing lawns is my least favorite chore. I save up projects to do on my weekends and truly resent the time involved in maintaining the lawns at our two business […]

Your Brain on Science


Larry Plesent

Contrary to popular opinion, science is not a collection of facts and immutable truths or laws. Rather science is a method of inquiry; a system designed to inch us closer and closer to increasingly accurate understandings of the universe that begat us and to which we belong 100%.


For the Love of Foam

Larry Plesent

I love foam. I like it on my skin, in my coffee and on top of my beer. Foam is both fun and cool. Not everyone knows or cares that the bubbles in foam always have an odd number of sides in the presence of gravity. Or that despite […]

I LIKE Killing Flies!

Author is ready to take care of flies with his soap solution. Courtesy photo.

Larry Plesent

My wife owns a bakery and, as you know, flies and restaurants do not mix. Hence, the title of this month’s musing on all things natural and sustainable, “I LIKE Killing Flies”.

Did you know that all […]

Relief Provided by Epsom Salts

Epsom Salt – Image: Wikipedia

Larry Plesent

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you get muscle cramps, spasms, or twitches? Are you generally tired and run-down and find it hard to get your energy levels up no matter how much coffee you drink? Do you have inflammation issues like arthritis and chronic diarrhea […]