Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Recycling Furniture: Why and How

Abby Overton

Home furnishings make up about 6% of what goes into landfills in the U.S. Americans threw away 48% more furniture and furnishings in 2015 than in 2000. We send 9.7 million tons of furniture to landfills each year! Let’s stop doing that! As a rule of thumb, your best bet […]

Marine Ecosystems Population Decline

EarthTalk®, From the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine

The oceans certainly aren’t as crowded as they used to be now that we have depleted stocks of large marine predators through overfishing, pollution and climate change. Photo by Tom Fisk, Pexels.

Environmental advocates do spend a lot of […]

Reclaiming Urine as Fertilizer

Application at a local farm. images courtesy of Rich Earth Institute.

Julia Cavicchi

The Rich Earth Institute is reclaiming urine as a precious resource. From their base in Brattleboro, Vermont, they have developed a novel approach to pee, diverting it out of the waste stream and returning it to the environment as fertilizer. […]

Making Light of It

Larry Plesent

This issue’s “Ingredient of the Month” focuses on light and specifically the blue-white light that is wavelength 483 nanometers; just before the UV (ultra violet) range.

Several disturbing reports have come out in the past year about old 483, including one from the University of Toledo illustrating the mechanism of retinal eye damage […]

Rock Stars

A rose grows in the rocks. Image: Navah Fried.

David Fried

What gives plants the strength to grow through so many obstacles? What gives people the strength to go on day after day doing their work in the world?

I have been noticing the strength of plants lately. By the ocean, I saw […]

Dover, NH School Achieves Solar Milestone 

Array to Save Taxpayers Over $4 Million

Starting the school year off right! Dover High School’s new 2,851-panel, 912-kW rooftop solar array will keep 1,111,262 pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere every year. Photo credit: ReVision Energy.

ReVision Energy has completed the installation of the largest rooftop solar array in the company’s […]

For Sale: 60-Watt Equivalent Halogen-Incandescent Lightbulbs – $82


Mark Koprowski

While shopping at a local retail store, I noticed that incandescent light bulbs were still for sale, and I watched customers picking them up to compare their purchase cost to that of LED bulbs. I wondered if they understood that the LED bulbs might cost a few cents more […]

NHSaves Drive to Net-Zero Competition Winners

The second place winning home of the NHSaves Net-Zero Competition. Photos: Elizabeth and Mark Peterson

George Harvey

NHSaves is a partnership of the New Hampshire utilities, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, New Hampshire Electric Co-Op, and Unitil. Last year, it established the annual Drive to Net Zero competition to showcase especially […]

Changing the Roofing Equation

Basics for an Efficient Roof

In a “cold” roof system, the air barrier and insulation are in contact with each other and located at the ceiling/attic floor. This design prevents heat from leaving or entering the living space while moisture is vented. “Warm” roofs are not vented and have the insulation installed directly […]

DIY Energy Upgrades: Doors

Steel, aluminum and plastic brush sweeps, door shoes on lower right.

Dave Keefe

It sure is annoying when your exterior doors leak a bunch of air – cold air in, or your warm air out, or both – but there are things you can do to tighten them up.

First, consider a storm […]