Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Move Toward Zero Waste in 2021

Cassandra Hemenway

The phrase “Zero Waste” has been bandied about by gorgeous thirty-something Instagrammers long enough, so most of us have at least heard the term. It can seem like a nearly impossible goal, especially when the social media mavens hawking it have professional photo shoots of their not-quite-full-pint jar of yearly trash (while the […]

The Changing Face of XC Skiing

(This is a companion article for “Cross Country Skiing.”)

Family skiing on Great Glen trails. Courtesy image from Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center.

Roger Lohr

Throughout the years, there have been some significant transformations in XC skiing to the benefit of skiers.

XC Skis: The most recent trend in XC skis is […]

EVs Gone Wild!

Electric Groomer Keeps the Trails in Shape at a Local X-C Ski Center

Incorporating a 2015 Smart Fortwo electric vehicle in the design, this all-electric groomer gets 10-15km of grooming range pulling a six-foot wide drag at Sleepy Hollow Ski Center. Image courtesy of Eli Enman.

N.R. Mallery

“We have completed […]

“There’s Nothing Wrong With the Earth”

Jessie Haas

Communities dig terraces to stop soil erosion in Lushoto, Tanzania. Image: Georgina Smith/CIAT

What if we really could have it all? Abundant, nourishing food for everyone, farmers able to make a good living while producing it, beautiful wildlands, a resurgence of threatened plants, bugs, birds, and animals, and a […]

Livestock Methane, Perspectives and Progress

Biogenic Carbon Cycle. You can learn more about this graphic at . A video discussion with comments from UC Davis CLEAR Center’s director is at .

Jessie Haas

The climate in which we developed our civilization was shaped by grass and the animals that ate it. Co-evolving, grass and grazing herds […]

Meeting the Climate Change Challenge:

Maine Grange Farmer’s Initiative Sets Its Bar High

Toby Martin

The Maine Grange Farmer’s Initiative, formed this past August by two members of the Maine State Grange, Toby Martin of Islesboro and Steve Verrill of Poland, is stepping up to take a leadership role by showing how farmers in Maine can join other Mainers in […]

Your Brain on Science


Larry Plesent

Contrary to popular opinion, science is not a collection of facts and immutable truths or laws. Rather science is a method of inquiry; a system designed to inch us closer and closer to increasingly accurate understandings of the universe that begat us and to which we belong 100%.


What is it About Flowers?

Photo by artist Joyce Dutka

David Fried

In every snowflake there is a flower waiting. Flowers, when they fade away, become seeds for snowflakes. Snowflakes, when they fall, become flowers when they melt. How else to explain the softness of fresh snow and the warmth of flower petals against the cheek? […]

Sustainability Efforts at Golden Brook Elementary School


Award-winning Golden Brook elementary school. Photo credit: Ryan Bent Photography.

Barb and Greg Whitchurch

The Golden Brook Elementary School project, in the Windham, NH, converted an overcrowded, “vintage” facility into a new facility that supports a safer, more effective learning environment. The designers incorporated as many energy-efficient features as possible within budgetary […]

Concord Couple Wins NHSaves Net-Zero Prize

NHSaves Drive to Net-Zero Competition third-place home in Concord, NH. Courtesy image from R. H.. Irving Homebuilders.

George Harvey

In early January, Nancy Rae Mallery, the publisher of Green Energy Times spoke in a very brief interview with builder Bob Irving. The questions and answers went as follows.:

NRM: Did […]