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Relief Provided by Epsom Salts

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Larry Plesent

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you get muscle cramps, spasms, or twitches? Are you generally tired and run-down and find it hard to get your energy levels up no matter how much coffee you drink? Do you have inflammation issues like arthritis and chronic diarrhea or high blood pressure? Are you concerned about Type 2 diabetes?

All these issues and diseases have a dozen possible causes. This article is not intended to diagnose or treat any of them. However, if you would like to do something healthy and nutritious for yourself that is without side effects or harm and is believed by many to provide a measure of relief to ALL of these issues…wait for it…GO SOAK YOUR FEET IN EPSOM SALTS.

You heard me right. Epsom salts or magnesium sulfate is a crystal made from two common and nutritionally important minerals that your body uses to conduct in a wide range of metabolic functions, including the absorption of several other nutrients, improving arterial elasticity, improving insulin sensitivity and reducing inflammation throughout the body.

We can imagine that our paleo ancestors with their wild foods diet had little need for magnesium and sulfur supplementation. They got all they needed right from the land. Fast forward two hundred thousand years and a good 50% of modern well-fed humans turn out to be magnesium- deficient.


Epsom salts provide magnesium that is easily absorbed through the skin and quickly travels throughout the body to places where it is needed. Taking supplements is a much less effective way to get the stuff to your magnesium and sulfur-thirsty cells. If anything is not quite right in your belly, absorption rates plummet to as low as 10%.

What a fun and easy way to feel better! You will need something to put both your feet into that will hold your feet and a gallon of warm water. Stir in one cup of Epsom salts and read a book or watch a show. Stay in there at least fifteen minutes to a half hour.

You can also add two cups to a warm bath and soak yourself to bliss.

For an added skin treat, put two cups of quick oats into a cloth bag and add that to your full body soak.

Wash yourself off with (handmade soap if you can) after using Epsom salts as they can dry your skin. Rarely, but occasionally, people can have an itchy, allergic reaction to magnesium sulfate. If you do feel itchy or rashy, discontinue, wash with gentle soap and sooth with shea butter, Green Gold or in a pinch, vegetable cooking oil. Happy soaking!

Larry Plesent is a writer, philosopher and natural products formulator living and working in the Green Mountains of Central Vermont. Read more at

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