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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Elco Motors

George Harvey

In our last issue, Green Energy Times ran a story, “Fossil Fuel-Free Water Sports,” in which we made a quick note of Elco, one of the oldest boat builders in the United States (

Elco was formed in 1892 as Electric Launch and Navigation Company. One of its earliest orders was for 55 […]

Farmer Researches No-Till Permanent Raised Beds for Small-Scale Farming

Debra Heleba

Growing vegetables in raised beds has become popular among gardeners, especially here in New England as this system helps the soil warm quickly in the spring and allows for good drainage. Jennifer Wilhelm of Fat Peach Farm in Madbury, New Hampshire sought to learn the potential of using permanent raised beds on a […]

Carbon Negative Plastic Can Be Made of Air

George Harvey

Green Energy Times has published a number of articles about plastics. As I work on this one, one article that was printed in the August, 2015 issue stands out in my memory. It was called, “Good Plastics? Really?” ( In it, we covered plastics that are biodegradable and are not made from fossil […]

Garlic in Love

David Fried

Each night I ask the stars up above, what is it like to be a garlic in love?1

What is it like to be a garlic in love? Courtesy photo.

This summer on the farm the trees and shrubs are so heavy with humid longing that they are just laying all […]

1.56 Billion Face Masks are Just the Beginning


Gary Stokes, Director of Operations for OceansAsia, holds up dozens of face masks collected on the Soko Islands, Hong Kong (Image: Naomi Brannan/

Dr. Teale Phelps Bondaroff

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the production and use of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks and gloves, has skyrocketed. While PPE […]

Green, Clean Paint

Flickr/United Soybean Board

Jessie Haas

Spring light always seems to reveal mess and dinginess that has accumulated over the winter and, for centuries, has kicked off the ritual known as ‘spring cleaning.’ Painting has long been a part of spring cleaning. In the old days it was most often whitewashing, which used a […]

An E-mower User Experience

Spring is here and Larry Plesent is ready to use his e-mower again. Courtesy photo.

Larry Plesent

I don’t know about you, but mowing lawns is my least favorite chore. I save up projects to do on my weekends and truly resent the time involved in maintaining the lawns at our two business […]

Move Toward Zero Waste in 2021

Cassandra Hemenway

The phrase “Zero Waste” has been bandied about by gorgeous thirty-something Instagrammers long enough, so most of us have at least heard the term. It can seem like a nearly impossible goal, especially when the social media mavens hawking it have professional photo shoots of their not-quite-full-pint jar of yearly trash (while the […]

EVs Gone Wild!

Electric Groomer Keeps the Trails in Shape at a Local X-C Ski Center

Incorporating a 2015 Smart Fortwo electric vehicle in the design, this all-electric groomer gets 10-15km of grooming range pulling a six-foot wide drag at Sleepy Hollow Ski Center. Image courtesy of Eli Enman.

N.R. Mallery

“We have completed […]

“There’s Nothing Wrong With the Earth”

Jessie Haas

Communities dig terraces to stop soil erosion in Lushoto, Tanzania. Image: Georgina Smith/CIAT

What if we really could have it all? Abundant, nourishing food for everyone, farmers able to make a good living while producing it, beautiful wildlands, a resurgence of threatened plants, bugs, birds, and animals, and a […]