Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Composting Toilets Evolve

The Relationship Between Water Conservation and Watershed Health

The original portable porta-potty image from GET, Aug. 15, 2011. All images courtesy of Ben Goldberg.

Ben Goldberg

A previous G.E.T. article, published in issue 9, Aug. 15, 2011*, described portable composting privies as a greener option to porta-potties. Since that time, there have been […]

Catskills Comfrey – A Natural Alternative for Inflammation and Pain

N.R. Mallery

Comfrey has long been used in poultices to relieve inflammation. And now, Catskills Comfrey is using its natural properties in salves.

Catskills Comfrey’s plants are all grown organically on a small farm in Delaware County, New York. They are never treated with herbicides, pesticides, or other things you would not want on […]

PFASs Are Forever

And so are a whole bunch of other things we would be better off without.

PFAS have been found in house dust. Photo: A Ocram. Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-SA 1.0

George Harvey

Many people are familiar with a story about Julius Caesar’s last breath. The story is that there are […]

Gardening With Biochar

by Jeff Cox

Storey Publishing, LLC, January 2018, 128 pages, $12.76

Book Review by Jessie Haas

Can your garden, brush pile, and wood stove save the planet? Yes, according to Jeff Cox, in his new book, Gardening with Biochar. Cox, a contributing editor at Horticulture, brings his […]

Natural Protection Against Biting Bugs

Lavender. Photo by Ken Irwin, Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA 2.5 Generic

George Harvey

In May, we saw an article from the Sierra Club, “5 DEET-Free Ways to Protect Yourself From Bugs” (). While that was good, we decided it might be worthwhile to look into the matter further.


The Dark Side of Green

Are you heating your home entirely with local firewood? Cordwood Image: Flickr

Larry Plesent

Worried about your health? The health of your pets, children and the planet? In the end, it’s the con in convenience that screws everything up. Forget about diabetes, obesity, and immune-system breakdowns. How about just getting outside for some […]

Flower Power

Painting by Gabriel Tempesta

David Fried

We used to have buses painted with flowers and shoes, backpacks, shirts, record albums. Donovan had an album called “A gift from a flower to a garden.” Even when we were young we knew there was something innocent and hopeful about flowers.

Now as […]

Making Climate Change Understandable

Kendra Pierre-Louis

Roger Lohr

How does a writer convey the seriousness of climate change without gloom and doom? A presentation regarding communicating changing climate by New York Times climate writer, Kendra Pierre-Louis, was conducted at Dartmouth College to discuss how she tries to resonate with readers about climate change […]

Weeds, Invasive Species, and Climate Change

Weeping willow, a thirsty tree, is considered a weed in Australia, where water is scarce. But it is useful there for erosion control and helps the land retain water. Photo: Antilived, Wikimedia Commons.

George Harvey

In mid-May, amid the bustle of getting Green Energy Times ready to go to […]

Revamped HHI Tool is First Step to a More Energy-Efficient Home

With an eye on making life easier and homes more energy efficient, NHSaves has unveiled a revamped online tool that calculates fuel usage and qualifies residential customers for rebates and incentives through the Audits and Weatherization program.

The improved home heating index tool (HHI), which launched on the NHSaves’ website on […]