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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Fossil Free: a People-powered Push to Pass Resolutions Stopping New Fossil Fuel Projects

From Beta Coronel of

Last month, we won a huge victory when New York City and State committed to divesting their pension funds from fossil fuels. Not only that, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio launched a lawsuit against the top fossil fuel companies for the damage climate change has caused the people […]

Tar Sands Exposed – Event in St. Johnsbury

Saturday, Jan 25th at 6pm at Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury

The Tar Sands Exposed: Exploring the Human and Environmental Costs speaking tour will feature National Geographic Photographer Garth Lenz, and First Nations Activist Crystal Lameman, who are traveling throughout New England to share their powerful stories.

And if there is space: Lenz has been focusing […]

Last things to remember before tomorrow

Dear friends,

When you pick a fight you’ve got to stick around to see it finished.

Together the climate movement picked a fight over the Keystone Pipeline two years ago. It was a little fight at first, then 1200 people went to jail, followed by 15,000 that surrounded the White House, and 40,000 that returned […]

From 350 Maine:

Saturday: floating protest to keep New England tar sands free

Exxon wants to pump tar sands oil through New England through decades old pipe — and perilously close to Sebago Lake, among other sources of clean fresh water for our region.

And so on Saturday, the Sebago Lake Flotilla will take to the lake to […]