Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

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Plant in Fall for Amazing Results!

Paw paws ripening on a tree in Bristol, Vermont.

By David Fried

There are at least three great reasons for fall planting:

The earth is moist, and it will be raining or snowing for the next six months, so the new plantings will receive all the moisture they need without having to water […]

Book Review: Pawpaw – In Search of America’s Forgotten Fruit

Pickin’ Up PawPaws … Put ‘em in Your Pocket

Pawpaw – In Search of America’s Forgotten Fruit

By Andrew Moore

Chelsea Green Publishing, July 2015, 296 pages, $26

Review by N.R. Mallery

Pawpaw? What’s a pawpaw? Do you remember singing “Pickin’ up paw paws, put ‘em in your pocket … […]

Kale for Late Season Harvests

Purple Kale. Photo courtesy of West Coast Seeds

Courtesy of West Coast Seeds

Late season planting is often a finicky affair. With choices limited, it takes careful consideration in picking the right seeds to keep your harvests arriving weekly even late into the season.

Kale (Family: Brassicacea, Latin Brassica oleracea var. acephala) is […]

Cooking with a solar oven — Fun with benefits!

By N. R. Mallery

At the time of this writing, we are in the midst of a heat wave and drought here in Vermont and in much of the Northeast. I live in a passive solar home that is designed to keep the heat in or out, according to season. Nevertheless, I try to […]

An Old-Fashioned General Store

With a New Sense of Style

The original Olsen’s General Store in Vischer’s Ferry, New York holds many memories for the locals. Photo: Flickr,

By George Harvey

On September 11, 2013, a suspicious fire severely damaged the Riders Crossing Tack Shop in Vischer Ferry, a hamlet in Clifton Park, New […]

Dan & Whits

By Green Energy Times Staff

Everyone should experience an old-fashioned New England general store. They can be delightful, and perhaps Dan & Whits in Norwich, Vermont, is about as delightful as they get.

Dan Fraser, the current manager, is the grandson of the original Dan, who started the store with Whit in […]

Greener Lawn Mowing Options

Robomow RS360 mowing the perimeter. Photo courtesy of

By George Harvey

My first job was tending grass in a local cemetery. I used hand clippers to make the grass around the headstones look nice. I was sixteen years old, and for that reason was not allowed near lawn mowers. The […]

Sleeping on the Job


By Larry Plesent

You work hard in your busy day doing what you do. Work, chores, and everything involved in keeping the rain off your head, the wind off your back, and the wolves from your door. And then we drop off to sleep.

And we wake up and do it […]

I Have a Stream: Conduit-Based Micro-Hydro

In this microhydro system, water is diverted into a penstock. Conduit-based systems use pipes that are already serving other purposes like irrigation or wastewater. Credit: U.S. Department of Energy

by Russell King

The classic picture of hydropower is that of a large concrete dam that spans the breadth of a river, providing water […]