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Sleeping on the Job



By Larry Plesent

You work hard in your busy day doing what you do. Work, chores, and everything involved in keeping the rain off your head, the wind off your back, and the wolves from your door. And then we drop off to sleep.

And we wake up and do it again.

For years (most of my life actually), I took it for granted that we slept to recover and rest up for our next busy day. Work and rest. Work and rest. For maybe 100 years if we are lucky.

But what if I had it all wrong, and the opposite is actually true?

What if we work all day to set ourselves up to then do the REAL work of living? And what if that real work occurs while we sleep? In other words, do we work all day to sleep? Or do we sleep just to wake up and work?

This is not a trick question. There are unanswered mysteries in the realm of sleep, just as there are unanswered mysteries in the realm of the awake. And it is extremely hard to gather all the data because sleep comes with a built in amnesia mechanism. We awake and have already forgotten most of the lands we traveled when our eyes were shut tight. And so I have to wonder.

Did I dance and play and learn from my friends in the lands of dreams? Do the people I meet by accident in the awake times actually make an appointment to get together while we slept; to learn, share stories and to celebrate being alive? How many times have YOU changed course, turned left instead of right and met someone whose words and actions changed the course or tone of your daily life?

Coincidence? Happenstance? Or appointment?

I do not have all the answers. Like nearly all of us, I have way more questions than answers. But I ask you to practice questioning the current basic western civilization tenets of human existence. We may in fact have been looking at it all wrong.

Time will tell. Maybe we should sleep on it.

This is the Soapman reminding you to take time out to enjoy the warm season and to keep thinking about the molecules!

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