Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

More on Weird Weather from Bernie

In Death Valley, Calif., temperatures hit 128 degrees in June. It was in the nineties in northern Alaska. In Vermont, Lake Champlain rose to a record 99.6 feet last Saturday after unrelenting rains all spring and summer. In Arizona, we mourned the loss of 19 brave firefighters battling a wildfire. Experts don’t link any single weather event to global warming, but scientists say there is a connection between extreme weather and climate change. Bernie has introduced comprehensive legislation to tax sources of greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. A Senate committee will hold a hearing later this month. Meanwhile, key senators met Tuesday with the top White House adviser on climate change. Bernie said afterward that the administration should be bolder. “When you have a planetary crisis, of course you don’t build the Keystone oil pipeline, of course you support a tax on carbon and of course you back a major investment in energy efficiency.”


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