Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 2 Green Energy News

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“New England’s Decades-Old Shrimp Fishery, A Victim Of Climate Change, To Remain Closed Indefinitely” • In New England, the shrimp business fell victim to warming waters in 2013 because of a moritorium by regulators. A healthy shimp population needs cold water. The moratorium will remain in place indefinitely, fishery regulators ruled. [ABC […]

December 1 Green Energy News

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“Vestas 15-MW Prototype Certified” • Vestas has received a type certificate for its V236-15MW offshore wind turbine. The turbine manufacturer installed the first prototype unit at the beginning of the year. After reaching it nominal power rating of 15 MW in April, the turbine broke the world record for power produced by […]

November 30 Green Energy News

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“US Discovers Lithium Bonanza For EV Batteries Right In Its Own Backyard” • The DOE released the results of an analysis of Salton Sea lithium resources by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Direct Lithium Extraction technology could lead to production of more than 3,400 kilotons of lithium, enough for over 375 million EV […]

November 29 Green Energy News

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“New Biden Rule Requires States To Track CO₂ Emissions” • Last week, the Biden administration finalized a rule requiring states to track greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. The new rule requires each state’s DOT to establish declining carbon emissions targets using fuel sales, fuel efficiency, and vehicle-miles-traveled data. [CleanTechnica]

Tractor-trailer […]

November 28 Green Energy News

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“Moving energy” • The renewable energy future starts with the political leadership. Once a leader in New England in the energy transition off of fossil fuels, Vermont is now the only state in the region to not have updated its renewables requirement in the last eight years as the reality of the […]

November 27 Green Energy News

“Nantucket’s Rich Are Losing The Battle To Keep Wind Power Out Of Their Backyards” • A raft of lawsuits from residents and fishing industry groups complain about everything from marine life hazards to obstructed views. But Avangrid completed the first of 62 giant wind turbines last month, promising power for over 400,000 homes and […]

November 26 Green Energy News

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“Phase-Out Of Fossil Fuels And Finance For Global South Must For Meeting Renewables Target: 350.Org” • As the world gears up for COP28, environmental activist group has called for a comprehensive package that includes a phase-out of fossil fuels and a finance package for the Global South to increase global renewable […]

November 25 Green Energy News

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“Haughey’s Bog: Why Are Peatlands Important?” • Haughey’s Bog in County Tyrone is the latest peatland in Northern Ireland to begin the journey to restoration. Peatlands cover 12% of the land area of Northern Ireland, but 86% of peatlands there are in a degraded state. Instead of storing carbon dioxide, they emit […]

November 24 Green Energy News

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“Sea Turtle Nests Break Records On US Beaches, But Global Warming Threatens Survival” • Just as they have for millions of years, sea turtles by the thousands crawled from the ocean to US beaches to lay their eggs. This year, record nesting was found in Florida and elsewhere despite growing concern about […]

November 23 Green Energy News

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“Peru Has Lost More Than Half Of Its Glacier Surface” • Peru lost more than half of its glacier surface over the last six decades, and 175 glaciers became extinct due to climate change between 2016 and 2020, said scientists from the state agency that studies glaciers. Peru’s glaciers cover only 44% of […]