Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

January 29 Green Energy News

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“Asia’s First Steam Field Continues To Power Homes” • Asia’s first commercial-scale geothermal steam field was discovered 50 years ago in Tiwi, a small town in the Philippine province of Albay. It is still providing clean, renewable energy to 2.7 million homes. Geothermal is the biggest industry in Tiwi and a major source […]

January 28 Green Energy News

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“Dirty Fossil Power Plants In Queens To become Green Energy Hubs” • Rise Light & Power LLC announced that it will invest in an offshore wind facility so as to turn its Ravenswood Generating Station in Queens, New York City’s largest fossil fuel power plant, into a clean energy hub. A 1.3-GW offshore […]

January 27 Green Energy News

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“NextEra Commissioned 5 GW Of Renewables And Storage In 2022, Ups Growth Plan” • NextEra Energy, the parent company of Florida Power & Light and the largest developer of clean energy in the US, said it deployed 5,000 MW of new renewable energy resources and energy storage in 2022, while adding 8,000 MW […]

January 26 Green Energy News

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“EPA Plans To Stop Six Power Plants From Dumping Toxic Coal Ash Into Unlined Ponds” • The EPA announced it plans to stop six coal-fired power plants from continuing to dump coal ash into unlined ponds. The agency announced last year that it would begin to enforce Obama-era regulations requiring coal-fired power plants […]

January 25 Green Energy News

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“Bill Gates Backs Start-Up Tackling Cow Burps” • Billionaire Bill Gates has announced an investment in Australian start-up Rumin8, which is developing a seaweed-based feed to reduce the methane emissions from cattle. Nearly a third of global methane emissions come from livestock and most of that is from beef and dairy cattle. [CNN] […]

NHEC Expects Restoration Tonight, Prepping for New Storm

PLYMOUTH, NH (January 24, 2023; 12 P.M.) – Working their fourth major storm in five weeks, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) and contract line crews expect to restore power to most NHEC members impacted by yesterday’s storm by 10 p.m. tonight. Some individual outage locations will persist through tomorrow.

Heavy, wet snow […]

January 24 Green Energy News

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“‘No Miracles Needed’: Prof Mark Jacobson On How Wind, Sun And Water Can Power The World” • “Combustion is the problem – when you’re continuing to burn something, that’s not solving the problem,” says Prof Mark Jacobson. The world can rapidly get 100% of its energy from renewable sources with, as the title […]

January 23 Green Energy News

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“Algae That Blights Our Seas Is Harvested To Make Useful Products” • Excessive outbreaks of seaweed are clogging up waters from the Caribbean to the Baltic. Now the algae is being harvested alongside farmed crops to create ingredients for cosmetics and food products. The outbreaks happen when tiny cyanobacteria suddenly multiply rapidly. [BBC] […]

January 22 Green Energy News

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“Aptera Reveals Launch Edition EV” • Aptera held a live online event where the company revealed the Launch Edition version of its three-wheeled solar-powered car. There are some really cool things about the final design, but also some downsides early adopters will face. You can see the event yourself or read a recap […]

January 21 Green Energy News

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“Italy Orders 7,100 MW Of Weird Floating Offshore Wind Energy Harvesters” • The floating wind field is a relatively new one, but Italy has just put in for an ambitious order of 7,100 MW from a new joint venture anchored by the startup Hexicon, which is marketing a floating wind platform that supports […]