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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

David Blittersdorf’s View from the Top

Running the Numbers: A Call for Energy Literacy

Energy is the defining issue of our time, and numbers and data form the backbone of discussions about energy. The problem with this is that there are serious flaws with energy literacy in America. Mathematics and statistics are often misunderstood, and can be easily twisted […]

Letting Go of Carbon

David Blittersdorf’s View from the Top Letting Go of Carbon: The Five Stages of Loss

Stick season is conducive to introspection. This year, after leaves have fallen but before the snow has really arrived, I feel more sad than usual. The reason? I have worked personally and professionally for over 30 years to advance renewable […]

David Blittersdorf’s View from the Top

‘Graduating’ to Energy Awareness

Occasionally I have the opportunity to speak to young people about our relationship to energy. In mid-August, I had the honor of speaking at the summer commencement ceremony for Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston — a school from which I earned an associate’s degree in Mechanical Design Engineering Technology in […]