Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Swimming in E-waste

According to BCC Research, in 2012 alone consumers around the world purchased 238.5 million televisions, 444.4 million computers and tablets and a whopping 1.75 billion mobile phones. Most of us discard such items within three years of purchase. Photo: Matthijs Rouw, courtesy Flickr

With electronic equipment and gadgets the fastest growing waste stream […]

Simple Sauerkraut

by Jessica Goldblatt Barber

Sauerkraut originates in Germany and consists of lacto-fermented cabbage. A few trivial facts: Explorer James Cook was well known to bring vitamin C-rich sauerkraut in his travels to prevent the men from suffering from scurvy. During World War I American companies renamed sauerkraut “liberty cabbage,” a bit like today’s “freedom fries.”


Silver Lake

Courtesy of Peter Huntoon, from his A Day in Vermont collection that celebrates the beauty of Vermont through art. A link to Peter’s free weekly email newsletter is at the end of the article.

Silver Lake is a a 45 minute hike above Lake Dunmore in the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area […]

Harvesting Gratefulness

By Deborah DeMoulpied

Just when some voices were asserting that climate change had lost its relevance, over 400,000 people marched in the largest climate-change event in history. New York City hosted the People’s Climate March which brought the discussion of global warming back to the front burner it should never have left.

Nicely timed to […]

Green Shots – Lacto-fermentation

By Jessica Goldblatt Barber

In this issue’s “Green Shots” and its organic homemaking tips I want to bring it into the kitchen and talk about the art of lacto-fermentation: The work goes faster than water-bath or pressure canning. The process (and storage) can be done with zero energy usage.

Lacto-fermentation has been used for centuries […]

Queen City Pops

Green Energy Times staff

Sarah Carson claims she was raised on a diet of chocolate and ice pops. Whether we take this as hyperbole or not, one thing is certain – she has made herself expert on the things she loves.

Seeking more knowledge and experience, she studied with an accomplished chocolatier in Michigan, and […]

The Common Man

By George Harvey

When he was a young man, Alex Ray had an unusual set of interests. They included his chosen profession, the hospitality business. They also included a love of old buildings of many kinds. In addition, he was interested in the environment, efficiency, and sustainability. Finally, we might also mention that he really […]

The Great Snow Gun Roundup

Snow guns at Bolton Valley Resort, Vermont. Photo courtesy of Bolton Valley Resort

by Roger Lohr

This summer Vermont ski resorts are investing nearly $15 million to upgrade their snowmaking equipment, thanks in part to an innovative rebate offer from Efficiency Vermont. Efficiency Vermont’s Great Snow Gun Roundup supports the […]

Ingredient of the Month

Molecular Zen: Secrets Revealed!

By Larry Plesent

I’ve been thinking a lot about Molecular Zen this month, which is, of course, the underlying theme of this column and the basis of my personal world view. And thus, in the tradition of pop science writers everywhere, I must reveal at least one great truth about the […]

Concerns About Essential Oils

Some wonder whether our fascination with essential oils is so good for the planet, given that it can take hundreds if not thousands of pounds of plant material to make just one pound of an oil. Pictured: A lavender field at the Norfolk Lavender farm and nursery and distillery in Heacham, Norfolk, England.