Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Future Energy Systems Set Aside Need for Fossil Fuels for Electricity

Lecturing is part of the job for Mark Z. Jacobson. (Ecolo)

Study will help create future energy systems; sets aside need for fossil fuels for electricity

A new groundbreaking study done at Stanford University demonstrates that combining battery storage with hydrogen fuel cells can now ensure low-cost reliability when countries, including […]

The Markets Are Proving They’re Ready for Clean Energy

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Carl Pope

Rarely has the chasm between global reality and global diplomacy loomed larger. Over the past several months the urgency of the climate threat has exploded as tipping points we thought were decades away […]

First-Ever White House Climate Resilience Summit

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In conjunction with White House Summit on Building Climate Resilient Communities, Administration announces more than $500 million in additional investment for resilience

Across the country, Americans are experiencing the devastating impacts of climate change. In just the first […]

Vermont’s Climate Plan is Built on a Foundation Made of Paper

Jonathan Dowds, Deputy Director, Renewable Energy Vermont

Vermont has a plan to combat climate change: accelerate our transition to electric vehicles (EVs), switch our heating and cooling systems to electric heat pumps, and power it all with electricity that is increasingly green and renewable. There is a lot to like about the plan, […]

Let’s Get Engaged

Public Service Department Releases Public Engagement Plan to Guide Review of Vermont’s Renewable Electricity Policy and Programs

On December 1, the Vermont Public Service Department (“Department”) released its proposed public engagement plan to guide a comprehensive review of Vermont’s renewable and clean electricity policies and programs. This engagement process will help implement a […]

Vermont Not on Track to Meet 2030 Climate Requirements

Jared Duval

A new report from the non-profit Energy Action Network finds that Vermont is not on track to meet its legally mandated emissions reduction requirements under the Global Warming Solutions Act.

“While there is a lot of important information in this comprehensive, 40-page report, a key takeaway is that Vermont is […]

The Inflation Reduction Act Just Shattered the Ceiling for Clean Energy in Vermont

Peter Sterling, op-ed

Incredibly and finally, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has begun the shift to a clean energy America. For the first time ever, the massive resources of the U.S. Government will be mobilized to move our country off of climate change causing fossil fuels and onto renewable energy sources like wind, […]

2021 National Solar Jobs Census Released

Solar Jobs Up in 47 States, Increase 9% Nationwide in 2021

Solar energy jobs were up in 47 states and increased nine percent nationwide from 2020 to 2021 to a total of 255,037 solar workers, according to IREC’s 2021 National Solar Jobs Census released today.

This job growth took place […]

Playing Defense on Energy Efficiency in the NH Legislature

In the last session, advocates were forced to counter efforts to stymie progress.

Photo courtesy Jimmy Emerson/Flickr

Kelly Buchanan and Sam Evans-Brown

Energy policy

The 2022 legislative session started early when it comes to energy policy. In November 2021, after nearly a year of delay, state regulators […]

Vermont Climate Advocates Applaud Clean Transportation Measures in the FY23 Budget and Transportation Bill

Robb Kidd, Vermont Sierra Club

A broad coalition of environmental leaders have applauded the transportation investments included with the enactment of the Fiscal Year 2023 Transportation Bill, H.736, and the Fiscal Year 2023 Appropriations Act, H.740, which earned Vermont Governor Phil Scott’s signature on June 9, 2022. The bills, H.736 and H.740 passed with strong […]