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Tips for Making Thanksgiving Greener and Less Wasteful

EarthTalk® – From the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine


Ah, Thanksgiving! For many of us, it’s the favorite holiday because it revolves around togetherness and inclusiveness and preparing and eating our favorite foods—and usually doesn’t include any overt commercialism. But just because you don’t have to buy and wrap gifts doesn’t mean Thanksgiving is necessarily green, although there are lots of little things you can do to make it more that way.


Menu planning is a good place to start. Hard core environmentalists would go meatless, of course, given the greenhouse gas and natural resource burden of raising livestock, not to mention animal cruelty. The non-profit farm animal advocacy group, Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), suggests swapping out the turkey with something meatless like Turtle Island Foods’ Tofurky, a pre-cooked tofu-wheat protein blend, Field Roast’s vegetable-based Celebration Roast, or Gardein’s Veggie Turkey Breast.


For the rest of us who are still eating meat and can’t celebrate Thanksgiving without some real turkey or tenderloin, just eat less of it and fill up your plate with other healthy vegetable-based sides.

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