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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere


This fall, the world celebrated as the historic Paris Agreement to fight the climate crisis went into effect, opening the door to a sustainable future for us all. And as we look ahead in light of the US election results, we are committed to fighting harder than ever to protect our precious home.

Now, everyone is asking what happens next? How do we keep the pressure on our leaders – in the US and around the world – to keep moving forward? And what can we do at home to help?

These questions and more will be answered December 5-6 during the live global broadcast event, 24 Hours of Reality: The Road Forward.

Hosted by former US Vice President Al Gore, The Road Forward will take viewers to 24 nations with critical roles in the fight against climate change. We’ll look at how regular citizens all over the world are making a difference in expanding clean energy, growing sustainable agriculture, and speaking out about the climate crisis.

The Paris Agreement was a huge step forward – but only the first step. Now the real work starts and people like you are already leading the way. 

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