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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

About Louise Hart, President of H.I. 5 Renewable Energy Systems, Inc.

The announcement of the upcoming 200 MW Solar Project scheduled to be built in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, has caused a lot of curiosity about the people involved.  Here is some background of the President of H.I. 5 Renewables.

Louise Hart is a very versatile person with diverse professional interests.

She is a graduate of Boston University, the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and Harvard University. She completed the Institute in economic and urban development management at Tufts University and attended law school.

She has worked as an entrepreneur, community development director, corporate executive, business consultant and trainer. For her work as corporate executive of a high tech manufacturing firm, she was recognized with listings in Who’s Who in the Computer Industry and Who’s Who in U.S. Executives.

She has won several awards for outstanding leadership in community service, including the DerekBok Prize from Harvard University, listing in the A.A.U.W. honor roll and special awards from the Republican National Hispanic Assembly and the Office for Children.

She has authored 36 books, including illustrated poetry, short stories, novels, humor, essays, children’s books, nonfiction and cookbooks. She has been writing poetry since the age of five and was first published when she was thirteen. She has also been a journalist, newspaper editor, photojournalist, and freelance writer.

A certified and experienced teacher and administrator, she has been an advocate for children with special needs and a community activist. A former member of the National Advisory Council to the National Health Service Corps of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, she has long been an advocate and spokesperson for services to the underserved. She served for many years as a trainer for the Small Business Administration and was commended thereby for her work on behalf of the underserved, minorities and women.

She has been active in over 45 local, regional, state and national political campaigns and organizations and developed the “brave new campaign management plan” that once resulted in a successful campaign for the White House.

A single mother of two, her older son has been named Selres Bluejacket Sailor of the Year and has won the Navy and Marine Achievement Award and her younger son has received an Excellence in Teaching Award from the Mass. Association of 766 Approved Private Schools (MAAPS). Both children were special needs and are college graduates.

She is a descendant of the first lieutenant governor of Mass., the first governor of New Hampshire, the first selectman of Ipswich, MA, and Lowell Mill Girls, Hart’s thousand years’ of documented family history as well as her own experiences enrich her stories and books.

She is an experienced public speaker and community organizer dedicated to universal education, individual freedom, personal and social responsibility, economic opportunity, alternate energy and conservation.

Her interests include science, alternate energy, nature, ecology, environmental issues, universal and special education, children, finance, business, gourmet cooking, culture, history, multimedia, communications, fantasy, metaphysics, community service, and historic preservation.

Some of her published works include the following:

3 comments to About Louise Hart, President of H.I. 5 Renewable Energy Systems, Inc.

  • Topher Waring

    Hello Louise:
    I am the science department chair for Lake Region Union H. S. in the Northeast Kingdom. I am also the staff advisor to our Green Team. As such I am very interested in talking to you about the line in the recent Green Times, that says
    ” H.I. 5 is seeking to install a solar curriculum in a school in the Northeast Kingdom…….” As a former solar installer and as the science chair in our high school, I am really interested in this statement and would love to follow up on this. I have tried to call your company, however currently your number is not in service. sadly…..
    So, I am hoping to make contact with Louise Hart to follow through making a connection between your project and Lake Region High School.
    Yours Topher Waring , science chair, former solar installer.

  • Topher Waring

    ah, sorry, Lake Region High School in vermont is on the web with all of our contact information.
    again , thanks Topher Waring **

  • Topher:
    My direct line is 978.384.8032 and I assure you it was and is working.

    As part of our project, we will be offering training in all renewables and will have our nationally ranked EPC whose training program is both certified and recognized by Ohio State U. contact you since we provide training for and welcome all students (and interested residents) from our project areas. Our EPC has, in fact, developed a special program just for schools.


    Louise Hart
    H.I. 5 Renewable Energy Systems Inc.
    Merrimac, MA

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