Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

REV statement regarding PSD decision on Met-Tower Application:

“This is an exceedingly disappointing position by the administration for advancing a local renewable energy industry, which we know Vermonters overwhelmingly support.  This decision is more than puzzling, sending mixed signals that should be resolved by the recently appointed siting commission.  REV believes opposing measuring a given site’s wind resource before a project can even be considered locally is misguided for the priorities and public good of the state.  We have a state goal of providing for 90% of our energy through efficiency and renewables by 2050 – how possibly will we reach that if private property landowners can not even measure wind.  REV supports all renewable energy technologies, and it is fair to say that large-scale wind energy remains the most cost-effective, cleanest form of new renewables available. This is why other states and countries continue to develop their wind resource. It is truly disappointing that, even though 70% of Vermonters vote in favor of clean energy and wind energy, we are now receiving signals from the state that we shouldn’t even measure it.”, says Gabrielle Stebbins, Executive Director of Renewable Energy Vermont
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