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A HUGE Solar Project for the Northeast Kingdom

200 megawatts – 800,000 panels – 2000 jobs!

And this is just the beginning!

More is yet to come in Vermont and New Hampshire!

H.I. 5 Renewable Energy Systems’ project in the Northeast Kingdom is the largest utility scale solar distributed energy plant proposed to be built in New England to date. It will be HUGE! It will generate 200 megawatts of power, and will be powered by 800,000 solar panels.

This winter, Vaughn Industries, the Ohio based EPC company, will begin training 500 local workers for work related to the solar plant. That employment, however, is just the beginning of an ongoing process, planned by H.I. 5, which will provide opportunities for other businesses and permanent employment to 2000 workers in Vermont and New Hampshire.

“This project is about more than developing renewable energy resources to help achieve energy independence and security for Vermont and New England”, says Hart, president of H.I. 5. “It is about creating new and preserving current jobs, helping communities by increasing opportunities for economic development, conserving and enriching fallow fields and farmland, promoting sustainable land use, and preserving our environment. In short, it is about empowering communities and the people who live in them.”

After the initial plant is running, more installations are planned to follow.

The article can be found in the October 15 issue of Green Energy Times, in its distribution locations over most of Vermont, much of New Hampshire, and parts of Massachusetts. The issue is also available online by clicking on this link: #16 -Green Energy Times – Oct 15, 2012.


3 comments to A HUGE Solar Project for the Northeast Kingdom

  • John Andrew Collins


    Can you please advise me as to the status of the 200MW Solar Electric System(s) to be installed in Vermont. I have your Oct 15, 2012 Issue of Green Energy Times.

    I am an experienced technician in electrical & mechanical industries and hold a certification in Photovoltaic Design and am inttetrested in the project.

    John Andrew Collins

  • Site evaluations and project design as well as the application for interconnection have been completed and reviewed by our attorneys. H.I. 5 is completing the financing for submission of the applications to ISO NE and the PSB following which our contractors and manufacturers will begin recruiting local workers seeking training and work on the project. At least one of the equipment manufacturers has been actively seeking facilities near the project site with intent to begin local operations ASAP and commitments have been received from other equipment manufacturers and the contractor for establishment of permanent local operations. As noted, each will be hiring and training local workers for their new facilities.

  • This dreamy photo, which looks like a modern take on Through
    the Looking-Glass, actually shows how German researchers are testing mirrors for solar power plants at DLR, the German Aerospace Center.

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