Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 2022 Articles Online


Front Page

1 East Coast Sea Level Rise Fastest in the World
1 Renewables Survive Cat 4+ Hurricane!
1 Inflation Reduction Act Marks Biggest Climate Investment in U.S. History

News and Happenings

2 Letter From the Editor
2 Kudos to Our Awesome Team

Regional Energy News

3 Vermont Not on Track to Meet 2030 Climate Requirements
3 The Inflation Reduction Act Just Shattered the Ceiling for Clean Energy in Vermont

Transportation Solutions

4 Reasons to Not Get an Electrric Vehicle?
5 Vermont to Ensure Accessible EVs

Solar Photovoltaics

8 Acorn Energy Co-op’s Fourth Community Solar Project is Moving Forward
9 Grassroots Solar, Manchester Center, VT
10 Battery Systems Helping Off-Grid Solar Installations
11 New Solar Array Generates Green Energy, Benefiting Community
11 Solar Investment Tax Credit: What Changed?
12 Renewables And Energy Storage Have Arrived

Renewable Energy Solutions

14 Maine Solar Solutions Partners With Habitat For Humanity
15 Will the New Carbon Battery Technology Replace Lithium for Energy Storage Next?

Business and Financial

18 US DA Invests $121 Million in Critical Infrastructure to Combat Climate Change Across Rural America
19 August Temperature Update, a “Thank You,” and Biden’s Report Card

Feature: The EV Revolution Is Here

20 The Electric Vehicle Revolution is Accelerating
20 Can the Electric Grid Handle Charging All Those EVs?
21 Clean Vehicle Federal Tax Credit: Important Changes You Need to Know
21 Vermont’s New ‘Replace Your Ride’ Funds Clean Options for Transportation

Climate News

22 Can We Ever Become Sustainable?
22 Greenland’s “Zombie” Ice Is Melting Fast
23 Balance of Power

Renewable Heating and Cooling

24 A Geo Heat Pump Plus Solar PV Technology
25 What Is a Mini-Split Heat Pump?
26 IRA: Heat, Efficiency, and Weatherization
27 Black Magic Chimney Sweeps

Building and Energy Efficiency

30 The (Green) House That Jack Built
31 Washington on the Verge of “Cleanest Homes in the Nation”
32 The Puttney School Is at It Again!

Sustainable Education

34 Vermont Tech Renewable Energy Students

Sustainable Agriculture

35 Two Faces of Flowers

Green Life

37 Living in an Estrogenic World
37 New Rebate Helps GMP Customers
38 Tick Tack Toe – Away You Go
38 Green Giving This Holiday Season