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Kudos to Our Awesome Team

The DIY Solar array that Michelle and her husband installed in their backyard. (Courtesy photo)

G.E.T. Staff

Michelle Harrison is G.E.T.’s Coordinating Director and Advertising Sales Representative.

Asked about her experience, she told us, “Since working with Green Energy Times, I have learned a lot about living sustainably. My husband and I installed a ground-mount solar array. It was quite the undertaking, but we did it! It is so great to be free from the high electric rates in New Hampshire. We compost which helps keep our trash bin hardly full for the weekly pickup. We participate in recycling of everything we can. Our garden helps to keep our refrigerator full of vegetables over the summer months and reduce our trips to the grocery store. We recently replaced our 17-year-old car with an electric car and could not be happier. We drive guilt-free and charge it with our solar array! It is so nice and convenient to be able to recharge your car at home and not worry about all the maintenance costs and headaches of gasoline vehicles.

We love the concept of keeping things simple. All of these projects happened over a course of six years. We do what we can when we can. We hope everyone does their part, too! We are sure you will be as happy with your sustainability projects as we are.”

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