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New Rebate Helps GMP Customers Save When Switching Away from Fossil Fuel for Cooking

$200 Rebate for Induction Cooktops Adds to GMP’s Programs

Colchester, Vt. – Starting October 1, Green Mountain Power (GMP) customers can save $200 when they switch from fossil fuel for cooking and install a new electric induction cooktop or range. Induction technology heats up and cools down faster than fossil fuel and provides great temperature control, all without carbon emissions and indoor air pollution. The new induction rebate adds to GMP’s growing list of incentives to help customers save money when reducing their own carbon footprints.

“We’re so glad to offer this new $200 rebate. It is a great new way we’re serving customers – helping them make the switch away from fossil fuel to clean electricity during their daily lives. GMP’s energy supply is 100% carbon free, so cooking with induction technology helps fight climate change efficiently at home while helping to lower per unit power costs for all customers,” said Tiana Smith, GMP’s head of electrification.

The new rebate is available for installed induction cooktops or ranges (not portable) and is valid on purchases made October 1, 2022 through December 31, 2023. Customers can apply for the induction rebate and see all the details on GMP’s website.

GMP’s residential customers can also save up to $2,500 on electric vehicles, up to $1,000 on heat pumps, $500 on electric motorcycles and $100 on electric lawn tractors among other rebates and incentives. GMP business customers can save on EVs, heating and cooling equipment, plus custom electrification projects for their operations through GMP’s business innovation programs.

“All of these programs combined with our energy storage initiatives are having a big impact. Last year, all together, customers helped offset more than 210,000 metric tons of carbon through GMP programs. That’s like taking about 45,000 fossil fueled cars of the road. It is amazing what we can do together,” Smith said.

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