Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Letter From the Editor

What crazy times we are living in! The climate is changing faster than scientists thought, sea levels are rising, and storm systems are stronger and more frequent than in the past. Then, we have an impending winter just ahead of us with the ever-increasing costs for fuel to get around or to heat our homes.

Enough said about all the scary stuff. Green Energy Times is not about the problems, it is about the solutions.

Talking about solutions, how about the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)? There is much available now and starting in 2023 that includes solutions for help with the rising costs of fuels for transportation and for heating and weatherization, renewable energy, energy-efficient appliances and so much more. You will read many articles in this issue explaining the way the IRA can apply to you.

I mentioned rising seas, and the seas ARE rising and the east coast of the U.S. is going to see the rise the soonest and more than the rest of the world. See our front-page article about it if you haven’t already. Think about that — the largest population in the country lives on the east coast. Do you expect climate migration to hit inland in the northeast hard? Vermont groups are concerned about how we are going to be able to handle it all while taking care of the needs of those already living here. New Hampshire, New York and Maine will all need to make plans to accommodate the increasing needs for many more people who may be displaced. We all need to become climate-resilient. That is why we work so hard to bring G.E.T. to you all (and do it for free).

Speaking of free, donations are appreciated and helpful to keep our efforts to provide you all with solutions in G.E.T. Remember to add a subscription of G.E.T. to your gift-giving list. It is our sincere hope you find many solutions as you read the information on the pages of this and every edition. We hope you all will become climate resilient as we face our scary future. Each topic in G.E.T. is important to help each of us to find ways to deal with the changing world around us. Please read and learn and do more for yourself and the planet.

Happy fall! Happy holidays! Be well, find happiness as you achieve your goals and know there is hope IF we make the changes for a sustainable future for us all.

— Nancy Rae Mallery, publisher of Green Energy Times

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