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Green Energy Times’ June, 2022 Edition Is Available

The latest edition of Green Energy Times has gone to press and will be distributed in the next few days.

The online edition is available now as a pdf file. To see it, download the whole issue.

Individual articles are available HERE.

3 comments to Green Energy Times’ June, 2022 Edition Is Available

  • michael bassett

    Noticing a stack of free copies of GETs 06/22 edition at a local Vermont restaurant, I grabbed a copy to read while eating my Saturday lunch at the counter. I’ve enjoyed GETs for a number of years now; I know I can trust its perspective on a variety of interesting/alternative energy topics.

    But, upon unfolding the issue, I was shocked to see on the front page an image (photograph) that reflected a Racist Trope that I assumed had been relegated long-long-ago to the dustbin of America’s past stereotypes; a “pop-eyed” Man of Color. I mean, that one’s as old great-grandma’s ice-box ‘fridge.

    Please refrain from using the photo’ service who supplied such an outrageous image to GETs in 2022 and seriously think-twice/thrice before assuming such images are humorous or even remotely applicable to further an article’s points of interest.

  • Hello Michael, Thank you for trusting GET and reading it all these years.
    We appreciate your comment but actually chose that photo because we thought it shows our support of all people of color. I think it portrays that we all are suffering from the rising costs of energy. There is nothing derogatory about the photo that we could see. It shows all people, no matter what color skin, are feeling the costs of living today and all of us, can benefit from the info in our publication. We want to make sure people of color learn from it as well. Am I wrong on this? I mean, if we had have put an image of a white family, shocked at seeing their electric bill, would you think that was distasteful. I would love to hear from others about this. We certainly never intended to stereotype a man of color. We want to show our support for whatever color your skin is due to the controversies of today. We fully support “All Lives Matter”. The planet belongs to all of us and the climate emergency is an all inclusive problem at hand.

  • Michelle I

    I would further comment that when the picture was chosen, the color of the skin did not even register with us. It was just a person with a great facial expression to bring the article some attention, no matter what the skin tone is.

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