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June 2022 Articles Online


Front Page

1 Winning the Energy War
1 Taming Summer’s Utility Bill
1 Securing Northeast Forest Carbon: Part 1

News and Happenings

2 Kudos to Our Awesome Team

Regional Energy News

3 Vermont Tackles Transportation Emissions
3 Record Amounts of New Renewable Capacity

Transportation Solutions

4 Transportation in Vermont is Going Electric
4 Charging Across America Challenge Sets Record of 111 hours and 30 minutes
5 The Latest and Greatest E-bike News
6 New Hampshire: Charging Desert, With Few Signs of Hope on The Horizon
7 How Are EV Sales Doing in the USA?

Solar Photovoltaics

8 Meet Your Solar Installers: Barrington Power
9 Meet Your Solar Installers: Catamount Solar
10 Picture a 100% Solar Powered Farm in Vermont
11 Large-Scale Renewable Energy Projects To Deliver Clean, Affordable Energy To New Yorkers
12 2022 Community Inspiration Winner: Solar Step by Step

Renewable Energy Solutions

14 Univix Power Solutions
14 What’s Missing from Our Approach to Solving Climate Change?
15 No Need to Worry About Lithium


16 Vermont’s GMP Extends Rebates Through 2022

Business and Financial

18 Hannaford Commits to 100% Renewables by 2024
19 Flying with Electrons Over Vermont

Feature: Education & Training for a Sustainable Future

20 Solar at Antioch University New England
20 Rational Cause for Optimism: Grid Modernization and Labor
21 More than Half of Americans Have a 100% Clean Energy Goal

Climate News

22 Global Climate Challenges
22 Do the Next Right Thing
23 Apocalypse Creep

Renewable Heating and Cooling

24 Geothermal’s Moment Has Come
26 Groundbreaking Technology Provides a Lower Cost Option for Geothermal Heating
28 Net-Zero Home Emerges from Sustainable Lifestyle

Building and Energy Efficiency

29 Why Is It Easier to Build a Dollar Store Than To Install Solar Panels in the State of Vermont?
30 Zero Accessory Dwelling Units: Low-Income Housing that Works
31 EEN Contractor Spotlight
32 Concrete Decarbonization
33 Warm and Cool Homes – Part Two:

Sustainable Education

34 Sheep Keep the Farm in “Solar Farming”
34 Oil and Humans, Part 2

Sustainable Agriculture

35 Fast Food
35 Ingredient of the Month: Endocrine Disruptors

Green Life

37 Two Book Reviews
38 Monadnock Food Co-op Announces 2022 Farm Fund Grant Recipients