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A victory for Vermont’s climate and communities!

In case you haven’t heard: The Global Warming Solutions Act is now a law!

Yesterday, the Vermont Senate voted 22-8 to override Governor Scott’s veto, after a similar vote in the House last week. Thank you to everyone who called and emailed your legislators to let them know that climate action is important to you — and to so many Vermonters. This victory wouldn’t have happened without you.

Check out how the full votes from the House (103-47) and Senate (22-8). Please consider thanking your legislators for choosing to take climate action! You can find their contact info here.

According to Johanna Miller, VNRC’s Energy and Climate Action Program Director, who has worked tirelessly with dozens of partners to achieve this goal:

“Today’s vote sets in motion the long overdue planning process that will ensure Vermont acts to mitigate the increasingly costly consequences of a warming world. Now, let’s harness the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of Vermonters in getting it done.”

The Solutions Act will require Vermont to lower its climate-damaging emissions while creating jobs, improving community resilience, and reducing burdens for rural and marginalized communities to access clean energy, transportation, heating, and housing.

Thank you for all you’ve done to help us seize this critical opportunity for climate action in Vermont. Stay tuned for how you can get involved in the implementation process!

More soon and thanks again,


Brian Shupe

Executive Director


Vermont Natural Resources Council

PS: Check out this piece in Seven Days today by Paul Heintz, which explores where the Solutions Act victory fits into Gov. Scott’s climate record (or lack thereof).

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