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Advice on Avoiding BPA Exposure

by Deborah DeMoulpied,
Bonafide Real Green Goods

BPA, or Bisphenol A, has a deservedly bad rap as an endocrine disrupting hormone. While we are exposed to hundreds of these types of chemicals, BPA has become the poster child for gender-benders.

And yes, it does bend the genders. In laboratory research, BPA feminizes male fish, and causes prostrate and breast cancer in animals. In humans, BPA is linked to decreased sexual desire and function, and infertility. Fetuses and babies are most vulnerable.

While our own hormones function in miniscule amounts, BPA levels are typically 1,000 times higher than our estrogen hormones. Since hormones are messengers, BPA, as a synthetic hormone mimicker, supersedes our own hormones to a certain degree, sending nasty messages to the cells and genes; hence, the long list of associated diseases starting with obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

BPA is in thousands of products but mostly found in hard plastic #7 and #3 consumer products. BPA is used to line metal cans and found in thermal cash register receipts.

  • In general, avoid plastic #7 and #3 for food and beverage use.
  • Use fresh foods, frozen or glass jarred foods; avoid canned foods (except Eden.)
  • Drink from glass or stainless steel; avoid hard plastic or soda cans, including canned seltzer.
  • Use powdered infant formula instead of liquid from cans.
  • All lids, even on glass jars and canning jars, are coated with BPA. Do not lick!
  • Refuse cash register receipts when possible; keep receipts separate from money and other items. (BPA is extremely “loose” on receipts)
  • Wash your hands frequently after touching money and receipts. (Money has been found to be contaminated from receipts.)
  • Beware “BPA-Free”; some replacement chemicals are turning out to be even more serious gender-benders.

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