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Photovoltaic System for Groton, VT & Blue Mountain School?


Groton, VT – Notice of Public Hearing


The Town of Groton is considering entering an agreement to install a 26 array photovoltaic system on property owned by the Town between Clarks Landing and Wells River, VT. A public hearing will be held at the Groton Town Hall, 1476 Scott Highway, Groton, VT 05046 at 7 pm on Wednesday, September 1, 2010, to obtain the views of the citizens of the community on the entire project.

The electricity generated by the system will offset 100% of the cost of electricity that the Town of Groton pays Green Mountain Power each year, and 40% of the energy needs of Blue Mountain School.

Under a proposed agreement, Groton and Blue Mountain Union School would pay $1,000 to AllEarth Renewables to install the arrays. They would them pay AllEarth 19¢ per Kilowatt hour generated by the system. Green Mountain Power will credit the Town and BMU 19.2¢, plus 6¢ for the solar incentive.

Copies of the proposed agreement are available at the Town Clerk’s Office, 1467 Scott Highway, Groton, VT 05046 and may be viewed during the hours of 9 am to 5 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and 9 am to noon on Wednesday and Friday.

Public Hearing Notice from ‘The Bridge Weekly Sho-Case’, August 24, 2010, page 24

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